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Building a smart park 

The modern supply chain service segment of BOXWAY independently developed the modern supply chain management system software E-warehouse as early as in 2001, providing customers with 365 days and 24 hours uninterrupted supply chain management and distribution services. It has completed the transformation from a traditional storage and transportation enterprise to modern supply chain management, and has been widely used in the logistics industry. Intelligent logistics equipment investment is one of the five-year development strategies of BOXWAY now; The creation of the smart park is a key research and development project under construction. With the launch of the "smart park steward" system, the first truly smart logistics park of BOXWAY [Version 1.0] was officially launched. BOXWAY has a number of patents and was rated as a pilot enterprise of Beijing Science and Technology Program of Beijing Science and Technology Commission, a national high-tech enterprise, and a selected enterprise of the science and technology development program of Daxing District Science and Technology Commission in 2018. BOXWAY Smart Park will create a new generation of intelligent and efficient supply chain system, enable modern supply chain services through the investment of smart equipment and the introduction of high-tech means, and continuously explore the application of AI and BLOCKCHAIN technology in the field of supply chain. 



BOXWAY Group was founded in 1997. As the core business of the four business segments of Huo’s Group, after more than 20 years of healthy development, it has become a well-known modern supply chain management service provider in the industry. The modern supply chain service network of BOXWAY covers cities such as Beijing, Shenyang, Xi'an, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Changsha and Jinan, and it will further expand markets in cities such as Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Hainan and Urumqi. 

BOXWAY Group is committed to providing integrated supply chain solutions as well as professional, integrated and efficient third-party modern supply chain services for e-commerce and fast-growing enterprises. BOXWAY has formed three core capabilities in supply chain and customer service, including: strong park expansion capabilities, mature asset management team and comprehensive value-added services. 

BOXWAY's No. 26 Warehouse is described as a "lucky place" for Chinese e-commerce by the media. This is because the top ten e-commerce enterprises in China started from here and grew into leading e-commerce enterprises and famous brands in the industry, including: Dangdang, Jingdong, Letao and so on. It can be said that BOXWAY has witnessed the 20 years of development and changes of China's e-commerce, and has established a solid foundation of trust with customers since then. 


BOXWAY Service 

In 2016, BOXWAY Group cooperated with Roland Berger, the world's top strategic consulting company, and developed a five-year strategic plan that is in line with the core business and development direction of BOXWAY. It will develop and continue to innovate in the four strategic directions of park expansion, integration of e-commerce services, investment in intelligent logistics equipment and import trade business, and strive to become a leading e-commerce one-stop supply chain management service platform provider of China. BOXWAY Group integrates high-quality resources at home and abroad and provides domestic and cross-border modern supply chain management services to customers, including a full range of system services such as intelligent property management, investment and construction of intelligent equipment and facilities, smart park solutions, transportation and urban distribution, agent operation, intelligent information platform construction, logistics finance, supply chain integration service and project consulting. 


BOXWAY Group enables its main business through the intelligent logistics equipment investment strategy. On the one hand, it provides intelligent system solutions to customers through leading intelligent logistics equipment technology. On the other hand, for customer groups with deeper service needs, BOXWAY will combine another existing strategic segment of the Group to integrate e-commerce services, and use the platform's own intelligent logistics facilities to provide them with better quality modern management services. 

Development Strategy of BOXWAY Group 

Bailey is part of the Holmes Group. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Beijing, Holmes is a leading diversified industrial group with total assets of over RMB 5 billion. Group core business: Bailiwei modern supply chain services; unified lubricants, TOP1 lubricants and automotive aftermarket services; Jinma Pawnshop, Tianxiang pawnshop and microfinance services; equity investment business; in equity investment, the group directly Invested in Keya Intelligence, 1 Pharmaceutical Network, Zhongtai Securities, Zhongrong Insurance and other enterprises, and maintained in-depth cooperation with the top international investment company Carlyle Group. At the same time, the Group and China Transportation Association jointly established Zhiwei Capital. The investment field mainly involves intelligence. New distribution areas such as transportation, smart logistics, automotive aftermarket, and O2O have opened up diversified industrial layouts.

Strategic cooperation between top international investment companies and well-known consulting institutions;

Over the past 20 years, he has accumulated rich experience in providing modern supply chain management services for

e-commerce companies.

The Group's strong investment strength: invest in the University of Science and Technology Intelligence, Shanghai Jingxing, 1 Pharmaceutical Network, Zhongtai Securities, Zhongrong Insurance and other enterprises, and maintain in-depth cooperation with the international top investment company Carlyle Group, and the Group is jointly with

the China Transportation

Association. Established

Zhiwei Capital.

Government's recognition and support: National E-Commerce 5A-level logistics enterprise; China Human Resources and Social Security Department and China Logistics and Purchasing Federation awarded Bailiwei “Running the National Logistics Industry Advanced Collective”; 2017 China Smart Logistics Service Demonstration Unit . He was selected as the technical intelligence upgrade project of Beijing Daxing District Science and Technology Commission and has 18 utility model patents. Beijing Science and Technology Commission Beijing Science and Technology Plan Project Pilot Enterprise. National high-tech enterprises.

More than 1,000 service customers have been involved, including e-commerce companies, home appliance companies, shoes and apparel companies, health care equipment, fresh food, home furnishing, auto parts, food, cosmetics, book publishing, and alcohol.

BOXWAY has a standardized general design criterion for supply chain warehouses, and implements international property management: 24-hour security patrol and electronic patrol monitoring system, access control system, 24-hour maintenance hotline, 24-hour fire warning, 6 fire drills without warning throughout the year, no dead angle full coverage monitoring system and alarm system in the park, remote monitoring of air conditioning system, real-time monitoring of the power system; intelligent parking system, intelligent detection of park building safety, and the three-dimensional warehouse that fits the installation of intelligent facilities. It will realize fully automated operation of the warehouse through intelligent logistics equipment, and create a smart logistics park. At the same time, it can also provide customers with strong current, weak current, decoration and air conditioning construction agents, offer discounts to customers and provide the sale space to thank customers; It also has rich experience in building office networks and living facilities for customers.