Sustainable Development

BOXWAY Group responds to the national sustainable development strategy and advocates low-carbon life. BOXWAY constantly enhances its own capabilities from the environment, resources, business, innovation, social responsibility and other dimensions, reduces carbon emissions and energy consumption, and promotes the sustainable development of the society.


BOXWAY Group attaches great importance to environmental protection and the application of green conditions. All warehouse buildings in various parks adopt environmental protection technologies and materials. Green conditions mainly include the application and effects of green warehousing technology, green packaging materials, green loading tools, new energy vehicles and other energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, materials and processes in the base. The construction of the warehouse body adopts heat insulation walls, heat preservation and energy saving technologies, and the constant temperature is 5℃; Energy-saving lamp, 120lux, 2w/㎡; The roof lighting belt is set to >3%, with an average increase of 50lux. At the same time, BOXWAY Group is one of the drafting units of the industrial standard Technical and management specifications for E-Commerce Green Packaging Materials.


In business activities, we focus on sincere exchanges with various stakeholder groups such as the environment, consumers, partners and employees. As a Chinese enterprise, we will strive to undertake corporate social responsibility in all aspects of business operations, and achieve sustainable development!