Chengdu Park


BOXWAY is committed to becoming a strategic partner of e-commerce and other growing enterprises in multiple links of the supply chain such as warehousing and agent operation, making full use of network advantages, brand effects and operation experience, introducing the most advanced technical equipment and management concepts, integrating resources, and constructing a full value chain service system.

BOXWAY (Chengdu) Park



BOXWAY Chengdu Park is divided into three phases. The total area of the project is 120,000 square meters. 3 warehouses will be built in Phase 1; 5 warehouses will be built in Phase 2; Office facilities, meeting and activity rooms will be built in Phase 3. The park is positioned to provide integrated modern supply chain solutions for B2C and cross-border e-commerce import and export business. It will take advantage of location resources and geographical advantages such as roads, railways and bonded centers to participate in and improve Chengdu's logistics and transportation environment and urban supporting service environment construction, give full play to the advantages of scale and common service, and create modern supply chain services.




Address: Located at No. 669 Limin Road, west of Logistics and Trade Center Avenue, Xindu District, Chengdu. Xindu District is also positioned as the sub-center of North Chengdu, functioning as Chengdu's machinery, IT, electronics, jewelry, bio- pharmaceutical, tourism and logistics base.

Downtown: 40 kilometers from downtown.

Highway: 2.7 kilometers away from Chengdu- Mianyang Expressway, 3 kilometers from Chengdu-Chongqing Ring Expressway, 3.5 kilometers from Beijing-Kunming Expressway and 4.4 kilometers from Chengdu-Qingchengshan Expressway.

National highway: 5.8 kilometers away from National Highway No. 108 and 2.9 kilometers away from the belt expressway.

Bus: 6.2 kilometers from Xindu Bus Terminal. BOXWAY (Chengdu) Park

Railway: There are Baoji-Chengdu Railway, Dazhou-Chengdu Railway, Chengdu-Lanzhou Railway, Chengdu-Chongqing Railway; Chengdu-Euro Fast Rail European Train (Chengdu - Lodz, Poland).

Collection and distribution capacity: West China Railway Logistics Center, Asia's largest railway container center station, 2.5 million TEU.

Bonded business: Railway port, bonded logistics center (type B).






A partial bird's-eye view of Chengdu project


Chengdu Project