BOXWAY News|Chasing Stars

On January 25, 2019, Bailiwei (Beijing) Co., Ltd. held the annual meeting on the theme of “Chasing the stars and voyaging the wind”. The annual meeting is divided into two parts: the performance communication meeting and the evening party. Huo Jianmin, CEO of Huo Group, Huo Zhenlu, Vice President of Strategic Development Department of Huo Group, Liu Jinshan, Vice President of Bailiwei Group, Hou Yingtao, Director of Operations Department, Huo Yuqin, Director of Financial Management Center, Chen Hongjun, Director of Integrated Management Center, and Managers and Supervisors of the company attended the meeting. .


At the performance communication meeting, each department summarized the completion of work in 2018 and reported the work plan for 2019 in detail. Group CEO Huo Jianmin commented on the work in 2018 and fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of everyone. When referring to the work in 2019, Mr. Huo said: "The macroeconomic situation in 2019 is complex and changeable, and it is a challenging one. Year, but we should firmly adhere to the five-year strategic development goal, and firmly believe that after more than 20 years of endeavor and accumulation, we have rich experience and resource advantages. In the future, we will continue to enhance our competitiveness through continuous innovation. The construction of the smart park monitoring system and the Beijing smart storage area will be completed. We will provide more accurate services to our customers. For this reason, we must use our technology to arm our minds and strengthen our learning and continuous improvement of our service capabilities.” Huo and all departments will work in 2019. Implementing the details, signed the 2019 KPI indicator on the spot to clarify the new performance targets. In the face of the work of 2019, everyone is full of confidence and willing to win.