BOXWAY News | Sharing, Entering, and Win-Win with Customers - Bailiwei's First Customer Appreciation Meeting in 2018

Recently, Bailiwei “going forward, thanking and thanking” the first customer appreciation meeting in 2018 was successfully held in Beijing. The elite representatives of customers from all walks of life and the relevant leaders of the Bailiwei Group went to the event. Thanks to the opening of the 2017 work summary video, the whole meeting has a large amount of information, Bailiwei 2018 strategic landing plan, industry development hot topic discussion and other links are brilliant, the guests responded positively, the atmosphere of the atmosphere was warm, the atmosphere Soaring.

The meeting was first delivered by the CEO of Bailiwei Group, Huo Jianmin. Mr. Huo first expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the customers who have supported Bailiwei for a long time, and then brought new ideas to the development of Bailiwei's strategic development plan in 2018. And in-depth analysis and explanation of the strategy of Bailiwei from the aspects of mission, innovation, and intelligent logistics, and also clearly explained the future development. Huo said that in 2016, the Group teamed up with Roland Berger, the world's top strategic consulting firm, to develop a five-year strategic plan that is in line with the core business and development direction of Beverly, and to expand and integrate e-commerce services and intelligent logistics equipment in e-commerce parks. The investment and import trade business has four strategic directions and continuous innovation, and is committed to becoming China's leading provider of one-stop supply chain management service platform for e-commerce. 2017 is the first year of the Group's strategy. Beverly has achieved outstanding results in accordance with the established goals. It has achieved gratifying results and laid a solid foundation for the work of 2018 and the final strategy. All of this is inseparable from the trust and support of customers, and it also strengthens the determination and courage of the company to achieve the ultimate strategic goals! The biggest beneficiaries of the various strategies of Bailiwei will be customers. Bailiwei caters to the national strategic development, integrates high-quality cross-border resources, and creates a new modern industrial system to provide customers with high-quality international services and help customers in China and across borders. Business development, to meet the needs of more customer business development will be the biggest motivation for Bailiwei people.



Liu Jinshan, deputy general manager of the Bailiwei Group and general manager of the Northern Region, gave a detailed introduction to the plan and implementation of the upgrading of the reservoir area and equipment to the smart logistics park on the existing basis.

At the hot forum, Liu Zongsheng, deputy general manager of ITOCHU Logistics (China) Co., Ltd., Wang Hailong, CEO of Wuhan Zhuoyitong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Zhou Zijian, vice president of minutes, Wang Meng, project director of Fast Line, Pan Jianjun, head of Meixian Network Project The customer representatives discussed the topics of “cold chain industry”, “Beijing logistics market” and “supply chain industry”. The unique viewpoints and wonderful speeches of the speakers attracted applause.



With its honest operation, leading platform, professional team and ability to integrate high-quality resources, Bailiwei has become a reliable supply chain service provider for customers. Bailiwei also hopes that through the appreciation, customers will be more intuitive to understand more development and innovation ideas of Bailiwei, and more determination and action to improve service quality for customers. “Sharing, Entering, and Winning” with customers is the goal of Bailiwei people. Bailiwei is willing to go hand in hand with customers to help customers create greater glories!