BOXWAY News | E-commerce logistics event, Bailiwei won the double award

Recently, the 7th E-Commerce and Logistics Entrepreneur Annual Conference hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the China E-Commerce Association, hosted by the China Electronic Commerce Association Logistics Professional Committee and hosted by the China E-commerce Logistics Industry Alliance was held in Beijing. Wang Xuanqing, deputy director of the circulation department of the Ministry of Commerce, Wu Chuanliang, director of the logistics department, Xu Min, president of the China E-commerce Logistics Industry Alliance (formerly the circulation industry promotion center of the Ministry of Commerce), and Dawa, deputy director of the National Service Industry Standardization Technical Committee. Experts attended. The Bailiwei Group participated in the event with more than 600 representatives of the upstream and downstream enterprises of the e-commerce logistics, such as the rookie network, Jingdong Logistics,, COFCO, I bought the network, the US Mission Review, and Foton Motor.

At the meeting, Xu Min, president of the China E-commerce Logistics Industry Alliance, gave a welcome speech. Wang Xuanqing, deputy director of the Department of Circulation Industry Development of the Ministry of Commerce, said in an important speech: The new era should cultivate new kinetic energy for consumption; pay more attention to the development of e-commerce and logistics in the professional field; use standardization to promote the upgrading of logistics. In terms of comprehensive and profound interpretation of China's e-commerce logistics development status and future trends. Director Wang also said that China's e-commerce and logistics have the important task of promoting the high-quality development of the national economy and promoting the upgrading of residents' consumption. Therefore, enterprises must grasp new opportunities, take new responsibilities and make new contributions.

In addition, the two high-end dialogues also pushed the annual meeting to a new round of climax. Liu Jinshan, deputy general manager of Bailiwei Group and general manager of the northern region, was invited to participate in the dialogue session of “Energy Future, E-commerce Logistics Development under the New Situation”. General Manager Liu Jinshan and the guests of the e-commerce industry to develop the economic environment, combined with their own strategic development goals, empower the future, and make suggestions on how to deal with the future development of the e-commerce logistics industry.


At the annual meeting, Bailiwei Group won the honors of “2017 China Smart Logistics Service Demonstration Unit” and “2017 China E-commerce Outstanding Park Operator”.

Since its establishment in 1997, the Bailiwei Group has accumulated rich experience in providing one-stop supply chain solutions and professional, integrated and efficient third-party services for customers for 20 years. The business network covers Beijing, Shenyang and Xi'an. In Wuhan, Chengdu, and other cities, in 2017, Bailiwei steadily moved forward to the established strategic goals with a firm and vigorous pace. In the expansion of the e-commerce industrial park, it has settled in Guangzhou Nansha, Changsha, Chongqing, and further expanded Hainan. , Zhengzhou, Nanjing and other markets. In terms of integrating e-commerce service strategy, Bailiwei Group and US SEKO company will establish a strategic partnership. Bailiwei will actively select new business opportunities, and focus on the development of core business, and will also open cross-border e-commerce assistance. In addition to providing domestic e-commerce resources to customers, the value-added service chain will also integrate rich cross-border resources to meet the needs of customers' cross-border business development and help customers develop. Bailiwei National E-Commerce Industrial Park has a superior layout and high-quality customer resources. It is committed to becoming China's leading e-commerce one-stop service provider with its firm strategic goals.


In 2018, in line with the national strategy of the “Belt and Road” and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Bailiwei is ready;


In 2018, in the face of the growing cross-border resource demand and accurate supporting services of e-commerce companies, Bailiwei is ready;


In 2018, in the face of the unpredictable competitive situation in the industry, Bailiwei is ready;


In 2018, in the face of opportunities and challenges in the new economic form, Ballywe is ready.


Ballywell, 2018, wait and see!