Bellevue's Carnival: Documentary of the 20th Anniversary "Thank You and Win-Win" Celebration

On June 16th, 2017, Bailiwei ushered in her 20th birthday and held a birthday celebration in Beijing with the theme of “sense and win-win”. The event officially started at 3 pm, and Xiaobian brought her own perspective and curiosity to the celebration scene in advance.


At the scene of the celebration, the taste of the carnival came to the fore:


At the entrance and exit of the venue, the 20th Anniversary Celebration logo and the striking cultural display wall are placed on the left and right sides, and a red carpet is placed in the middle. Embarking on the red carpet and browsing the contents of the wall, I was unwittingly introduced into the world of "Bai Liwei".


The solemn party of the site layout, the event has not yet begun, it has already felt a strong celebration atmosphere. The scene before the celebration was very quiet, the staff were busy and orderly, and whispered from time to time. The staff on the stage are rehearsing. From the dialogue, I found that on the stage, it was the CEO of Bailiwei, Mr. Huo Jianmin. I saw that he communicated with the director from time to time. Maybe this day for him, for Bailiwei, it is a long-awaited moment. .


There is still one hour from the start of the event. The guests arrived at the venue one after another. Xiaobian found that there were three “different” signs in the sign-in session: different clothes color – the participants uniformly printed a white T-shirt with the word “20”, but found some People are wearing red T-shirts. Why? Not the same information bag - the material bag for the event is not a common paper bag but an environmentally friendly bag; not the same sign-in process - each person receives a bottle of colored quicksand after signing in, which is what it means?


Xiao Bian tried to ask the staff, but the staff member said mysteriously: "There is a mystery, and I will see it in the event for a while!" At this moment, I found that everyone surrounded the past with a person and took a closer look. It turned out to be the Holmes Group. Founder - Chairman Huo Zhenxiang. Off-site employees and guests have taken photos with this famous entrepreneur. Mr. Huo’s smile is full and he is very friendly with the staff.


The signing office is responsible for the reception of several deputy generals of the Bailiwei Group. They not only receive customers, but also welcome the old employees of Bailiwei. They stop in front of the historical photo wall of Bailiwei, reminiscent of youth, remembrance and Bailey. The story of Wei...


Opening of the Belleville Carnival


A well-designed sand painting performance showed the theme of the event of “Believe and Win-Win” and the celebration kicked off. With the opening of a box with the Beverly logo, it introduces a short film about the 20-year history of Ballywell. The short film vividly tells about the 20 years of Belleville's achievements and the future strategic direction. The most memorable in the short film is Wang Fei, head of China Mobile Beijing's warehousing and logistics, and Dangdang co-founder and chairman Yu Yu, and more than a dozen old customers and old friends in the video tell the story. The experience of Liwei cooperation, the most mentioned words are: professionalism, trust and gratitude. Whether it is to help customers design warehouses, risk storms to grab goods, or keep their promises for customers, this section of the story makes Xiaobian see a "speaking must, be sure to do" professional and trustworthy Bailiwei.


Subsequently, five employees wearing red T-shirts presented an adapted inspirational old song, "True Heroes."


At the end of the song, the host went to the stage to introduce to you, 20 years ago, these employees on the stage joined the Bellevue. They are the first employee representatives of Bailiwei, and together with the company, they have been working together for 20 years. An old employee said with emotion: "Bai Liwei is my home. I learned my skills at Bailiwei and got development..." Xiaobian saw here that 95% of the top executives in Bailiwei It is started from the grassroots employees, who realize their ideals step by step. It turned out that wearing a red T-shirt is an old employee with 20 years of service in Ballywe. Today, red clothes are a symbol of honor for them. Bailiwei prepared gifts for the old staff representatives and personally presented by Chairman Huo. This scene made me see Baileywei in the eyes of employees, a benevolent and grateful.


A video clip with the theme of “New Starting Point” showed the guests the planning and outlook for the future. Then, Mr. Huo Jianmin, CEO of the Bailiwei Group, gave an important speech. He said that he faced the logistics e-commerce park industry. As well as external environmental opportunities, Bailiwei will vigorously change its development ideas, actively connect with its external strengths, speed up and strengthen its main business, and actively select innovative business opportunities, and gradually implement the five-year strategy from the following aspects:


1. Logistics E-Commerce Park In the main business of the logistics e-commerce park, Bailiwei will add other second-tier target cities to the first-tier cities to serve customers in the fields of e-commerce, retail and third-party logistics.


2. Integrating e-commerce services Bailiwei will strive to become China's leading e-commerce one-stop service provider. Based on the clear target customers, coverage areas and target categories, we will open up the warehouse-based and value-added services. Value chain.


3. Import trade business In the import trade business, Bailiwei will focus on three categories of cosmetics, alcohol and dairy products, and further aim at the large-scale imports.


4. Investment in intelligent logistics equipment Bailiwei will focus on medium and long-term investment opportunities in products such as automated stereoscopic libraries, automatic sorting equipment and AGV (automatic guided transport vehicles) in the field of intelligent logistics equipment, with a focus on foreign companies that can provide integration capabilities. , and linkage with other businesses.


In the future, Bailiwei will jointly build an ecological chain of logistics services with warehousing as the core through effective linkage between new and old businesses. Based on the above development model, Bailiwei will gradually realize its strategic goals in three phases in the next five years, and ultimately achieve performance improvement, network improvement, business diversification and capacity enhancement. After the speech, the four vice presidents of Bailiwei took to the stage and stood side by side with Mr. Huo Jianmin. Among them, Yu, the deputy general manager of asset management of Bailiwei, said: "I have worked in foreign companies for many years and have achieved good results. But the reason why I walked into Bailiwei resolutely was that Bailey was a Chinese company! The voice did not fall, and the audience gave a warm applause. This made Xiaobian see a Bailiwei with peace of mind, clear strategy and passion, and felt the deep resonance and pride of all the people present!




Next, under the witness of more than 200 guests, customers and old employees, Bailiwei CEO Huo Jianmin and three important customers - Liu Zongsheng, Vice President of ITOCHU Corporation, China, and President of Gome Holdings Group, Anxun Logistics Co., Ltd. Li Wuchang, vice president of, held a grand signing ceremony. It is worth mentioning that the signing of Dangdang’s contract is a strategic cooperation between the two sides. As Ms. Wang Lin, the secretary and vice chairman of Yuxin Group, said in her speech, Bailiwei has a “loss culture” and “integrity culture”, which makes customers feel comfortable and satisfied with such cooperation. . Bailiwei conveys to customers the integrity, the win-win situation, the gratitude and the responsibility. This is the way of Bailiwei's way of doing business.


The end of the birthday celebration is the "building sand" ceremony. In this section, Xiaobian found the reason for the bottle of colored sand at the time of signing. The quicksand means the eternal, a set of three-dimensional Bailiwei logo was poured into the fine sands by the guests, and the fine sand was felt. Filling it up slowly, it is more symbolic that this hundred miles of the past 20 years, gathered by the strength of everyone, in order to reach a glorious today. At the sand-making ceremony, the leaders of Bailiwei worked with customer representatives and representatives of old employees to complete this grand link. With a bottle of quicksand being injected, the atmosphere at the scene was once again ignited, and the participants stood up and applauded and sent a sincere blessing to Bally. At the same time, employees from all corners of the country who were unable to attend due to work reasons also sent a video of the blessing to the scene.


Toast of the Bellevue Carnival


The dinner was started in the toast of Mr. Huo Zhenxiang, Chairman of the Holmes Group. Chairman Huo is very humorous. When he took the stage, he said that he would like to dismiss the manuscript. Because the 20-year creation process of Ballyway is in his heart, he sincerely thanked him for creating it from scratch and suffering together under such difficult conditions. The old staff of Bailiwei. Chairman Huo’s speech, sometimes tempting and emotional, has repeatedly attracted everyone’s warm applause.


Throughout the dinner, the lottery session and the red envelope rain continued throughout, and everyone relaxed and enjoyed the happy dinner time. After the dinner, Xiao Bian noticed that many people were reluctant to leave, surrounded by Mr. Huo Zhenxiang and Mr. Huo Jianmin. They had too many unforgettable experiences and too many unrequited friendships.


Xiaobian will give you a big photo of the customers, leaders and employees of the site. Looking at the whole part of the activity, there are no gorgeous chapters, and there is no dazzling performance, but the details show the rigorous style of the Bailiwei people to be practical and diligent. Feel the enthusiasm of Chairman Huo Zhenxiang and the diligence of CEO Huo Jianmin, which may be the root of the corporate culture of Bailiwei. The simple influence of senior leaders affects the entire “big family” of Bailiwei, which also affects customers, gives employees a sense of belonging, and gives customers a sense of security. From the details of the whole event, Bailiwei can have today. The glory is not a trick, but from the belief and spirit, which is the foundation of the rapid development of the company in the industry.


Yesterday's glory has emboldened the firm belief of the Bailiwei people; the successful smile embodies the sweat of the Persian people's hard work; "The long wind and the waves will have time, the cloud will sail directly to the sea". In the next 20 years, Bailiwei will Will continue to sail towards a new dream, and advance toward glory!