The future starts here! The online press conference of the "Third Five-Year Plan" strategy of the BOXWAY was successfully held

When the century of changes superimposes the century of epidemic, when the transformation of digital intelligence meets the "double carbon" strategy, where will China's supply chain service system go in the future? On July 7, 2022, the leading domestic digital intelligent and low-carbon modern supply chain integrated service provider, BOXWAY, held the "Future Start Here and the" Third Five-Year Plan "strategic conference of BOXWAY" online. The specially invited experts in the field of macro policy research, such as Huo Jianmin, CEO of BOXWAY, COO Liu Jinshan, Huang Qiansong, senior partner of Hejun Consulting, Zhang Jin, partner of Hejun Consulting, and other leaders and guests, gathered together from the perspective of macro policy interpretation, industry trend analysis, enterprise strategic development and other dimensions to talk about the future. Nearly 200 people participated in the meeting online, including industry experts, partners of BOXWAY and representatives of industry associations.

Focus on new strategies and create new engines -- The "Third Five-Year Plan" strategy of BOXWAY starts a new journey

"If you sail against the current, you will fall back if you don't advance. Now, China is entering a new era, and enterprises are moving from high-speed development to high-quality development. For Bliway, which has entered the transformation and upgrading stage, you should be brave to pave a certain path for yourself under the environment of various risks and uncertainties." Huo Jianmin, CEO of BOXWAY, said in his opening speech, Budweiser's "Three Five-Year Plan" strategy should continue to be customer-oriented, take the national "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" development plan as the core, comb and build a strategic planning system suitable for the long-term sustainable development of the Group with a professional perspective and scientific and effective methods, and achieve the strategic development objectives of the new five years.

As a professional think-tank that helps the BOXWAY to formulate the "Third Five-Year Plan" strategy, Huang Qiansong, a partner of Hejun Consulting, has a detailed interpretation of the value core and implementation path of Budweiser's "Third Five-Year Plan" strategy with the theme of "integrity and innovation, starting with the end, and lasting success". Mr. Huang Qiansong pointed out that at present, China's logistics real estate industry has entered the era of stock competition. For Budweiser, it is necessary to realize constant knowledge, achieve change, and maintain integrity and innovation. Facing the future, BLV should adhere to the same frequency resonance with national strategies such as digital economy and dual-carbon, and build itself into an industry-leading comprehensive supply chain service provider by expanding the scope of strategic advantages, from horse racing to fine operation, from operating assets to operating customers, and from product management to capital management.

Grind a sword in ten years and start a new journey. As the most anticipated part of the event, Liu Jingjing, the director of marketing department of the BOXWAY, subsequently launched the "Three Five-Year Plan" strategy. First of all, in terms of strategic positioning, Bliway adheres to the same frequency resonance with the national "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" strategy, creates an innovative service model combining light and heavy assets, and provides customers with digital, intelligent and low-carbon modern supply chain services. In addition, in the implementation of the strategy, Budweiser will build the core drive of the "management based, technology based, and capital based" troika, and gradually achieve the "three five-year" strategic objectives through the "three steps" strategy. At the same time, in terms of business modules, BOXWAY will continue to focus on the three core business growth points of logistics real estate, modern supply chain services and equity investment, strengthen efforts to consolidate the foundation, break through the single service model, extend and expand new service products, and create a one-stop "closed loop ecological platform" for tourists up and down the entire industrial chain.

Stand at a new starting point and embrace a new future -- BOXWAY will sail again in 2022

Since this year, the complexity, severity and uncertainty of China's macroeconomic development environment have increased. How to make an overall plan to prevent the epidemic, stabilize the economy and ensure safe development? The specially invited experts in the field of macro policy research pointed out at the meeting when interpreting China's economic situation and future outlook that at present, China's stable growth policy has gradually taken effect, the scope of economic growth has been significantly expanded, and the production and operation activities have stabilized and rebounded. For the logistics industry, in the first ten days of June, the activity index of the national logistics industrial park was 101.5, up 3% on a month-on-month basis, the major logistics channel blockages were basically cleared, and the prosperity of the logistics industry rebounded significantly. For a long time to come, green transformation and digital transformation will be the development direction of all industries, including logistics.


The tide is standing up against the wind and waves, and it is time to set sail. As an old-brand supply chain service enterprise with 25 years of profound industry accumulation, regardless of how complex and changeable the market environment is, BOXWAY has always been able to move forward fearlessly in change and changelessness, and has also won the recognition and trust of customers. At the event site, Liu Jinshan, the COO of BOXWAY, said that the new "Three Five-Year Plan" strategy has pointed out the way for the future development of the enterprise. What we need to do next is to resolutely implement and export the standardized management model that has been settled for 25 years, continue to accelerate the construction of smart parks, further forge and improve service capabilities, and enable customers to realize the value of the whole industrial chain.

Although the epidemic situation distributed in many places this year has brought a lot of resistance to the development of the whole industry, Budweiser has still not stopped moving forward. In addition to focusing on the top design of the "three five" strategy, it has also made steady progress in the business side, and has made brilliant achievements. General Manager Liu pointed out that in 2022, six smart park projects in China, such as the Budweiser Chongqing Park, the Qingdao Park Phase II and the Shenyang Park Phase I and Phase II, have been put into operation successively, with a total area of more than 220000 square meters. In addition, the strategic layout of Budweiser in new fields such as green photovoltaic projects, cold chain projects, digital and intelligent services has also emerged, accelerating the realization of high-quality leapfrog development.

The grand pass is really like iron, and now we are stepping forward from the beginning. The opening of the "Three Five-Year Plan" strategic plan by Budweiser is not only a battle declaration for the enterprise to head for the new five-year journey, but also a bugle call to guide the people of Budweiser to make new and brilliant achievements. The journey is long, only struggle. Standing at the historical starting point of the new five-year strategy, the BOXWAY has worked together to write the next five-year legend belonging to Bliway again with the spirit of seizing every moment, the courage to overcome difficulties, the perseverance to move forward, and the style of doing real work.