BOXWAY News | 2019 continued to force the success of the Bailiwei (Qingdao) Park

After the official delisting of the Chongqing Park in January 2019, the  Bailiwei Group  re-transmitted the good news in March. The Bailiwei (Qingdao) Park completed the delisting of the land on March 1 and the land  transaction confirmation letter on March 6 to officially confirm the location and area of the land.


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On March 27 last year, the Bailiwei (Qingdao) Park project was successfully signed. The project received strong support from the leaders of Jiaozhou Municipal Government and Jiaobei Street and relevant departments. In less than one year, the land transaction confirmation was successfully signed. The book, the follow-up construction of the park will be steadily advanced.

Jiaozhou is an important transportation throat connecting the Shandong Peninsula at home and abroad. It has two railway passenger stations and the only railway “Lugang” in Shandong Province-China Railway Group Qingdao Container Center Station; it has three highways of Qingyin, Qinglan and Shenhai, Jiaoji, Jiaohuang, Jiaoxin and Jiaoji passenger transport. The four-track railway and the 4F-level Jiaodong International Airport have become important bridgeheads for the New Eurasian Continental Bridge. At the same time, as an important node city of the "Maritime Silk Road", it has opened international trains such as "Central Asia", "China and Mongolia", "China-Korea Express", Jiaozhou to Urumqi, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Luoyang and other provinces. Huang Xiao operates the province's internal trains, accelerating the construction of a comprehensive channel for all-round interconnection between the East and the West. Construct a national demonstration zone for multimodal transport and build a two-way open bridgehead for the “Belt and Road”.


[Bai Liwei (Qingdao) Park Effect Map]

All along, the Bailiwei Group has actively responded to the national “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, and has accurately arranged in the important cities of “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “Maritime Silk Road”, including: Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Qingdao, Guangzhou and other cities. . At the same time, the Bailiwei Group takes Beijing as the center and radiates Shenyang, Wuhan, Changsha, Maanshan, Dezhou and other major hub cities across the country, and has successively expanded projects in Zhengzhou, Jinan, Haikou and Urumqi. The national park expansion strategy has been steadily advanced, and the “one-to-one-wing” strategic layout has already begun to show. The scale of the facilities currently in operation has exceeded 1 million square meters.

The Bailiwei (Qingdao) Park project relies on the steady development of the Bailiwei Group for 22 years, making full use of the integration of global quality resources, national network layout, brand influence and supply chain management experience to help Jiaozhou optimize the industrial structure and regional economic development. At the same time, Bailiwei Group promotes the upgrading of traditional industries through the investment of intelligent logistics equipment, and builds a smart park through independent research and development of “Smart Park Monitoring and Management System”, which will also provide more favorable benefits for the construction of Bailiwei (Qingdao) Park and the development of corporate customers. support.

In 2019, the Bailiwei Group will adhere to the concept of openness and innovation, adhere to the spirit of hard work and struggle, intensively cultivate, and strive for perfection!


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