BOXWAY News|Beijing Daxing District Leaders go to the Bailiwei Group Park for security inspection

On the eve of the National Day, in order to ensure safe production, we must do a good job in fire safety and security, and strengthen fire safety awareness. Du Zhiyong, deputy head of the Daxing District Government and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Comrade Su Rong, Vice Chairman of the Daxing District Political Consultative Conference, and Tiangongyuan Street Working Committee of Daxing District Comrade Liu Li, Comrade Yang Guodong, director of the Tiangongyuan Street, and Zhao Jinzhi, deputy director of the Tiangongyuan Street Security Committee, and other 30 people went to the Bailiwei Group Park for fire safety inspection. Liu Jinshan, deputy general manager of the Bailiwei Group and general manager of the Northern Region, and Tian Fashun, the safety supervision manager, led the staff of the park to accompany the Daxing District Joint Inspection Team for inspection and report on their work.


Du Zhiyong, deputy head of the Daxing District Government and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, led the joint inspection team to the Bailiwei Group Park for fire safety inspection.


      The joint inspection team focused on safety inspections in the park and in the reservoir area, and also randomly tested fire-fighting equipment and facilities in key parts of the park such as rolling doors and fire extinguishers. After the inspection, the Daxing District Joint Inspection Team fully affirmed the safety work of the Bailiwei Group Park and the fire safety work of the Group Park.


The joint inspection team will focus on checking the Bailiwei Group


       Deputy Director Du Zhiyong inquired in detail about the deployment of security and safety training for the Bailiwei Group and the safety training of employees, and pointed out: “The park should continue to attach importance to safety training. For the safety of enterprises, fire-fighting equipment and related equipment should be kept up to date.” Liu Jinshan The deputy general said that the work instructions of the district leaders are requirements for our work, and we will certainly accept the implementation of the opinions of the joint inspection team. The “Smart Park Manager” system independently developed by the Bailiwei Group introduces the core equipment and monitoring technology used by large-scale projects in the country, and uses real-time monitoring and utilization of high-end monitoring methods to implement real-time electrical equipment, fire-fighting equipment and building safety equipment. monitor. The system has now entered the test deployment phase, and will provide a safer and more reliable regulatory system for the park to ensure core safety. The Bailiwei Group will adhere to the consistent "safety first" spirit and implement safe production to every relevant job.


During the inspection, Comrade Du Zhiyong and Vice President Liu Jinshan exchanged fire safety issues.