The Group's strategic partner 111 Group successfully listed in the US

The "1 Pharmaceutical Network" parent company 111 Group was officially listed on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ) in the United States on the evening of September 12, Beijing, under the ticker symbol "YI". With the huge potential of China's healthcare market, the 111 Group became the first Chinese Internet medicine health market to go public in the US.


111 group listing ceremony

Dr. Yu Gang, co-founder and chairman of 111 Group, Liu Junling, co-founder, chairman and CEO of 111 Group, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the day. Huo Jianmin, CEO of the Holmes Group, was invited to attend this glorious historic moment.



Times Square Nasdaq screen real-time picture

Since its inception in 2010, the 111 Group has been committed to using the Internet model and thinking methods to change the status quo of the Chinese public “difficult to see a doctor, buy medicine expensive”. “1 Medicine Network” is a comprehensive online drug sales platform. It was formerly a sub-channel of “No. 1 Shop” and operated independently. In the past eight years, 111 Group has formed a new pharmaceutical retail platform consisting of three business segments: B2C medical platform “1 drug network”, Internet hospital “1 diagnosis” and B2B medical platform “1 drug city”. According to data from Frost & Sullivan, “1 Medicine Network” is the largest B2C self-operated online pharmacy in China, and “1 Medicine City” has created the world's largest virtual pharmacy network.


Times Square Real Time Screen

The company has a deep relationship with the 111 Group. It was first established in the “No. 1 Store”. In 2010, “No. 1 Store” was one of the first e-commerce companies to enter the Bailiwei E-commerce Industrial Park under the Huo Group. Liu Junling, the former co-founder of “No. 1 Store” and now Chairman and CEO of 111 Group, and Dr. Yu Gang, Chairman of the Board of Directors, both chose to cooperate with the Holmes Group. At present, “1 Drug Network” has more than 15 million registered users. “1 Medicine City” serves more than 100,000 pharmacies, including chain stores, single pharmacies, and pharmacies in private hospitals and private clinics. In the warehousing and distribution, it has four storage centers in East China, South China, North China and Southwest China, and has established in-depth cooperation with Bailiwei (Chengdu) E-commerce Industrial Park. In the future, Bailiwei Modern Supply Chain will continue to cooperate with “1 Medicine Network”. The “1 Pharmaceutical City” segment reached a strategic cooperation, helping the 111 Group to deploy intelligent medical services and lead the new retail of medicine.


In addition to its cooperation with the Holmes Group in the supply chain, the 111 Group is also an important investment project of the Holmes Group in the field of e-commerce services. The investment business is one of the four business segments of the Holmes Group, focusing on financial services, e-commerce services, intelligent logistics equipment, biomedicine, military and civilian integration, and has made some progress. The Group's investment business is committed to enriching the Group's main business, arranging the future of new industries and diversifying its development strategy.


The deep cooperation between the Holmes Group and the 111 Group will go hand in hand at the business level and continue to create value at the investment level, and the future will surely create a gorgeous chapter.