BOXWAY News | Bailiwei's 15th China International Logistics Festival "Golden Pegasus Award"

The high-profile event in the logistics industry, the 15th China International Logistics Festival and the 18th China International Transport and Logistics Expo, and the 2018 Asian Logistics Biennale were grandly opened in Shanghai on May 16. It is reported that a total of more than 60 countries and regions of government, international organizations, nearly a thousand logistics and upstream and downstream enterprises participated in the exhibition.

Liu Jinshan, deputy general manager of the Bailiwei Group and general manager of the Northern Region, and Cheng Jiangong, general manager of the expansion and general manager of the southern region, were invited to attend the event. On May 16th, at the launching ceremony of the “Logistics Quality Star” of the Logistics Industry Golden Pegasus Award in 2018, the Bailiwei Group carried out the layout, innovation and development of the e-commerce industrial park nationwide by catering to the national strategy and development plan. The outstanding achievements in the construction and other work, after winning the "Golden Pegasus Award" in 2017, won the "Golden Pegasus Award" in the logistics industry in 2018, and won the "Star of Smart Logistics Development". General Manager Liu Jinshan took the award on behalf of the Bailiwei Group. Synchronized award-winning companies include Jingdong Logistics, China Railway Express, Suning Logistics, and COSCO Shipping.


China International Logistics Festival, as the most important cooperation and exchange platform for the national logistics industry, the wind vane of the industry has been obtained by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Transport, the General Administration of Customs, the Transportation and Transportation Bureau of the Central Military Commission Logistics Support Department, and more than 20 national level. Industry association support. This year's 15th China International Logistics Festival, with the theme of “reform and upgrading – promoting the high-quality development of logistics”, will enhance the international logistics industry in China by creating the most authoritative, largest and most influential international event in the field of logistics. Influence.


As the core activity of this year's Logistics Festival, the "China Logistics Investment and Financing Conference Series Activities, Logistics Investment and Financing and IPO Seminar" was held on May 17th. At the invitation of the organizing committee of the conference, Cheng Jiangong, deputy general manager of the Bailiwei Group and general manager of the Southern Region, gave a speech on the theme of “Modern Supply Chain Management Service Enterprise Development Strategy”. Mr. Cheng’s speech focused on several aspects such as national strategy and policy, industry analysis, and group strategy. Mr. Cheng first introduced the development history of Beverly and the current status of business development. Through the interpretation of the national strategy and policy, the industry analysis, and then elaborated the five-year development strategy of Beverly and the global resource guarantee that can be provided.


In his speech, Mr. Cheng mentioned that the Bailiwei Group catered to the national “One Belt, One Road” initiative and focused on the whole country. The strategic layout is consistent with government planning. It has been in Beijing, Shenyang, Xi'an, Chongqing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Changsha, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Jinan and other places to build e-commerce parks, and successively expand projects in Zhengzhou, Wuxi, Haikou and Nanning. With 21 years of good reputation in the industry and rich experience in e-commerce services, the company has developed into a nationwide professional modern supply chain management service company. In 2016, we joined hands with Roland Berger, the world's top strategic consulting company, to develop a five-year strategic plan that is in line with the core business and development direction of Beverly, and to expand and integrate e-commerce services, smart logistics equipment investment, and import trade business in e-commerce parks. Strategic direction and continuous innovation, committed to becoming China's leading e-commerce one-stop supply chain management service platform provider. In 2017, as the first year of strategy implementation, Bailiwei concentrated its superior strength and high-quality resources at home and abroad, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SEKO Corporation of the United States to complement the advantages of integrating e-commerce service resources and sharing international cross-border logistics resources in Greater China. In addition to the existing business, the related business of the countries along the “Belt and Road” will be one of the important cooperation contents.


2018 is the second year of the implementation of the five-year strategic plan. On the one hand, Bailiwei steadily promotes the implementation of the strategy, on the other hand, it intensifies efforts to build a smart park. In the construction of the smart park, Mr. Cheng introduced that the Bailiwei Intelligent Park has a full coverage monitoring system and alarm system, remote monitoring air conditioning system, intelligent real-time monitoring power system, intelligent parking system and park building safety monitoring system. The three-dimensional library for installing intelligent facilities will realize the fully automated operation of the reservoir area through intelligent logistics equipment to create a smart logistics park. Mr. Cheng’s speech fully demonstrated to the participants a confident, honest, steady, and clear development strategy, which won everyone’s recognition and applause.

2018 is the first year of the implementation of the party's "Nineteenth National Congress" spirit, and it is also the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. Driven by the background of new technologies and new economy, Bailiwei will adhere to efficient and innovative driving, intelligent upgrade, and work together with customers to achieve a win-win future!


Bailey is looking forward to the next industry event to be re-appeared and continue to write glory!