BOXWAY News | Nine years of grinding a sword, the operation of the Perimeter operation "double eleven"

As one of the three core business segments of the Holmes Group (modern supply chain services, lubricants and aftermarket services, small microfinance pawnshops), Bailiwei, which has the reputation of “E-commerce and Blessing in China”, has been in the past 20 years. Committed to e-commerce, rapid development, providing customers with integrated supply chain solutions and professional, integrated and efficient third-party modern supply chain services. Bailiwei makes full use of the e-commerce park location advantages, brand effects and operational management experience, introduces the most advanced technical equipment and management system, effectively integrates various resources, and constructs a full value chain service system.

Beverly Operations is a division that provides clients with professional third-party modern supply chain services. At present, it provides comprehensive management services for more than 40,000 square meters of warehouses for more than 40 well-known brand customers such as Yijia Shopping, Beijing Mobile, Shenzhen Skyworth and Matsushita Electric.

On the eve of this year's "Double Eleven" event, Bailiwei Operations added new e-commerce customers such as Yan Rentang and Honey Love. In order to serve customers more accurately and efficiently, from the pre-event period to the customer's custom-made program to the site preparations all in an orderly manner. According to the experience of preparations in previous years, the “Double Eleven” is likely to experience a sharp increase in orders in the short term. The operation of the Bailiwei Operation Department will be carried out in advance for personnel, and external labor services will be coordinated for emergency use. Make sure the event is completed successfully.

After nine years of grinding a sword, Bailiwei has been accompanied by e-commerce business customers for nine years of "double eleven", this year's "double eleven" will be kicked off. The operation of Bailiwei will also be carried out in an arrogant manner. In order to ensure that the "small-handed party" can have no worries in the "Double Eleven", the operation department and the e-commerce enterprise customers will be carefully prepared to fully fight. This makes us have to believe that this year's "Double 11" will escort the battle of the Double Eleven with better service and stronger protection!


In the market of oversupply, how to meet the terminal demand has become an important issue for the major e-commerce platforms to obtain profit, and how to provide professional modern supply chain services for e-commerce companies is the primary task of Bailiwei in the past 20 years. From traditional supply chain services to modern supply chain services, Bailiwei constantly explores continuous innovation, and the e-commerce platform is unstoppable, and professional e-commerce integration services need to keep pace with the times. For Bailiwei, relying on the macro policy support of the country, the three national strategies of “One Belt and One Road”, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development are the infrastructure for stimulating e-commerce, and thus the domestic and foreign material assets. The flow of electricity brings the impetus to the modern supply chain management of e-commerce. Based on this, Bailiwei will advance from the e-commerce park in the next five years, integrating e-commerce services, intelligent logistics equipment investment, and import trade business, with the goal of the first brand of modern supply chain management services.