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BOXWAY News | “One Belt and One Road” Hotspot Forum and the completion of the second phase of Bailiwei Chengdu

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On November 7, 2017, Bailiwei Group successfully held the “One Belt and One Road” hot forum in Chengdu and the completion of the second phase of the Bailiwei (Chengdu) E-Commerce Park.


The day of the event was the second week of the closing of the 19th National Congress. The whole country and all walks of life were deeply discussing the spirit of the 19th National Congress. In the report of the 19th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping was on the modern supply chain. The Belt and Road Initiative has made important instructions. The Bailiwei Group invited industry experts, professors and entrepreneurs to gather in the capital of Bayu, and jointly discussed and studied the great strategy of “One Belt, One Road”.



CEO of Bailiwei Group Huo Jianmin

On the day of the event, at the “Belt and Road” hotspot forum, the first CEO of Bailiwei Group, Huo Jianmin, extended a warm welcome to the guests, and introduced the deployment of the Bailiwei Group's development strategy around the “Belt and Road” and Ballywell. (Chengdu) The situation of the e-commerce industrial park, Huo Zong said: "Chengdu as an inland open highland plays a pivotal role in the 'One Belt, One Road' strategy, the Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu, with convenient transportation, railway and road network, among which The implementation of the strategy of 'Rongou+' is to create an open international new Qingbaijiang River, which will make Qingbaijiang District become the first domestic international railway port that “through Europe and Asia and Tongjiang Dahai”. Qingbaijiang's unique geographical advantages, development orientation and 100 The strategic goal of the Liwei Group was met unexpectedly. In March 2015, Bailiwei settled in Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu, and started construction in December 2015. In 2016, the first phase of the e-commerce industrial park was completed and put into operation. Today, it is completed smoothly according to the established plan. For Bailiwei, the logistics e-commerce industrial park is an important development through the help of the “Belt and Road” initiative. Directions; relying on the country's macro policy support, the “One Belt and One Road”, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development of these three national strategies to promote the infrastructure of e-commerce, so that domestic and foreign material assets flow, which depends on logistics The infrastructure construction is a non-negligible driving force for e-commerce modern supply chain management. Based on this, Bailiwei will expand and integrate e-commerce services, intelligent logistics equipment investment and import trade business from the e-commerce park in the next five years. Four strategic directions are the goal of the first brand of modern supply chain management services."



Former Director of Chengdu Logistics Office and Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Economic Research Institute Chen Zhongwei


Professor, School of Business, Renmin University of China


CEO of Xicai Think Tank, Doctoral Supervisor Professor Tang Jiqiang

Next, the director of the former Chengdu Logistics Office, the director of the Yangtze River Economic Research Institute, Chen Zhongwei, and the professor of Renmin University Business School, the leader of the national key discipline industrial economics, and the vice president of the China Economic Reform and Development Institute, Professor Chen Yujun, combined with modern supply chain management. Detailed explanations on the "One Belt and One Road" theory, strategy, and the strategy of the Yangtze River Economic Belt; Professor Tang Jiqiang, CEO of Xicai Think Tank, told the background of the "Belt and Road" and the Chinese logistics enterprises in the "Belt and Road" strategy. The opportunity, Professor Tang said, to a certain extent, the "One Belt, One Road" strategy forced the transformation and development of the domestic logistics industry, and promoted its improvement and planning. Guided by the “One Belt, One Road” construction, the economic and trade and investment businesses of some important countries along the line in China continue to grow rapidly. The acceleration of infrastructure interconnection and the expansion of capacity cooperation have enabled domestic logistics enterprises to “go global” to accelerate overseas deployment and develop overseas. Localized logistics and improved transportation deficits bring rare opportunities. The increase of domestic and international logistics demand will provide huge market opportunities for the development of China's logistics industry. We must adhere to the "trade-driven biological flow, logistics and anti-feeding trade", strengthen trade cooperation with countries along the "Belt and Road" and open to the south, and vigorously develop the trade of goods with Chengdu as a transit hub and the entrepot trade with Chengdu as the carrying platform, and offshore. Trade, joint construction of overseas warehouses and bulk commodity trading network platform, to promote "Chengdu made" products to the global market. To implement the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, logistics must go ahead, and strong logistics market demand will also bring animal flow infrastructure construction, and promote trade and economic development by improving logistics infrastructure. With the deepening of the "Rong Europe +" strategy, the Chengdu-European Express Rail, which originated in Chengdu and across Europe and Asia, has made the global allocation of resources more affordable and efficient.


Chengdu International Railway Port Management Committee Guo Qian

Guo Qian of Chengdu International Railway Port Management Committee gave a detailed introduction to the development of the railway port of Chengdu Qingbaijiang District where the Bailiwei Chengdu E-Commerce Park is located. When it comes to the Qingbaijiang District Railway Port, it said: “The Qingbaijiang District has Chengdu International Railway Port. It is the starting point of the trains between China and Europe (Rho Express) and Chengdu Central Asia. It is the bridgehead for Sichuan and Chengdu to integrate into the national “Belt and Road” strategy. It also has the largest railway container center station in Asia and the largest big bend station in Chengdu. With China's leading international container logistics park and bulk cargo flow park, it will handle 70% of the railway import and export goods in the Pan-Chengdu area. As of September 2017, the China-Europe class has 710 classes, ranking first in the China-European class. The clear data of the group and the meticulous and exquisite speeches made a lot of achievements, and the meaning is still unfinished. At the end of the forum, we also had a heated discussion on the future direction and ideas of modern supply chain services.


After the forum, everyone drove to the second phase of the Bailiwei (Chengdu) E-commerce Industrial Park in Qingbaijiang District. The second phase of the Bailiwei (Chengdu) E-commerce Industrial Park is an underground library built by the Bailiwei Group with its own new concept and carefully designed. The biggest feature is the constant temperature. The total construction area of ​​the project is about 120,000 square meters. Multi-level standardized operation warehouse and comprehensive office building and other facilities. The underground constant temperature warehouse covers an area of ​​16,380 square meters. The ground is a gantry frame structure. The underground is a concrete frame structure with a longitudinal column spacing of 12 meters and a horizontal column span of 25-26 meters. The underground warehouse floor can bear 3 tons per square meter. The lighting chamber is used in the underground operating area of ​​the constant temperature chamber and above the ramp, and it has the effect of wind and rain. The underground library has a good temperature self-regulating function, which has the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer. In the summer, when the air conditioner is not used, the temperature in the library can be as low as 15 degrees; in the case of air conditioning, 80% of the power saving can satisfy the temperature in the library to reach about 0 to 8 degrees. In winter, the temperature inside the warehouse can be more than 5 degrees without using insulation measures, which saves customers cost, and has good economy and practicability. It can be seen that the characteristics of the constant temperature chamber are very suitable for storing red wine, fresh food, medicine, imported food and so on.


The Bailiwei (Chengdu) E-Commerce Industrial Park project has a strong investment intensity and advanced design and construction technology. It is located in the unique geographical position of Qingbaijiang District. Under the guidance of the “Belt and Road” strategy, it will surely achieve further success and achieve a set strategy. The development goals are making great strides.