"Strict management, heavy security, and welcome the 19th National Congress", Bailiwei accepted the leadership inspection guidance of Daxing District Committee

In order to ensure the stability of the safety production situation in the whole region and create a good safety production environment for the victory of the party's 19th National Congress, on October 13, 2017, Secretary of Beijing Daxing District Party Committee and Secretary of the Working Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee of Economic and Technological Development Zone Zhou Liyun Yang Xue, deputy head of the Daxing District Government, and Liu Xueyong, secretary of the Party Committee of the Jingnan Logistics Base Management Committee of Daxing District, came to Bailiwei to inspect and guide the work. As one of the key enterprises in Daxing District, Bailiwei strictly manages and re-security according to the relevant work requirements of the district government, and actively deploys the 19th safety and stability work in the park.

The work of this inspection and guidance mainly focuses on safety, environmental protection and sanitation. Zhou Shuji, Deputy Director Yang and Liu Shuji and his party are in the vice president of Bailiwei Group and the general manager of the Northern Region Liu Jinshan and the vice president of asset management Yu Shunde. Accompanied by, he visited the Bailiwei Group (Beijing) E-Commerce Park and the Bailiwei E-commerce customer. During the inspection of the e-commerce park, Mr. Liu introduced the construction process of the Bailiwei (Beijing) E-commerce Park to Zhou Shuji. In 2008, in order to save land resources and improve the operational efficiency of the park, the first double-layer in the country was established. The ramp warehouse and the fire sprinkler and intelligent linkage fire protection facilities were designed for the warehouse. In the same period, the warehouse construction was the earliest installation of the facility. The Bailiwei E-commerce Industrial Park combines the “Beijing 2017 Important People's Livelihood Project Resolution”, and many new customers who have established cooperation are closely related to Beijing Minsheng, such as: minute-minute, one-stop delivery of high-end restaurants in the city; honey Bud Mia - imported maternal and child supplies store and so on. Choosing such customers to cooperate will make the related industries more concentrated around Beijing's near-city, which will effectively save resources.

Mr. Yu briefed Zhou Shuji on the application of the ETCP intelligent parking system in the Bailiwei E-commerce Park and the security management plan for the park. Mr. Yu introduced that the ETCP intelligent parking system mainly helps the logistics company to supervise the vehicle trajectory, the time of entering and leaving the park, and the dispatching in the park through the open platform. The truck owner can know the unloading of the warehouse in advance through the APP terminal on the expressway several kilometers away. The docking location, and the warehouse area will know the arrival of the truck in advance, and make reasonable planning ahead of the arrival of the truck, which will effectively avoid the congestion in the park, improve the efficiency of the park operation, and make the management within the park more standardized through intelligent means; Relying on the large amount of truck driver resources obtained by the ecosystem, it will provide accurate truck resources for cargo owners; it will also provide a complete O2O solution for the park, help the park to transform its wisdom, build an ecological environment, and cut into the truck after service market. In terms of security management of the park, Bailiwei also made careful work arrangements from various aspects, organized customers to hold security meetings, publicized the importance of security maintenance at the 19th National Congress, and organized fire drills in the park to formulate detailed security. Regulatory programs, etc.

Secretary Zhou, Vice Minister Yang and Secretary Liu expressed their affirmation of the work arrangements and deployment of the safety, environmental protection and sanitation of the Bailiwei (Beijing) E-commerce Park, and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions. The Bailiwei E-commerce Park will make every effort to ensure the safe and stable operation of the various systems in the park, strengthen the emergency duty, and greet the victory of the 19th National Congress with practical actions and outstanding achievements.