Bailiwei helps love mothers and children to achieve national strategic layout

Zall Group is a national strategic partner of the Bailiwei Group to establish multi-year cooperation. Recently, Zhuoer Group’s CEO Zhu Hailong, Ai Qin’s mother Chen Chenhong, Zhongbang Bank Chairman Lou Xiao’an and Zhongbang Bank’s deputy general manager Zhen Zhenfa came to the Bailiwei Group (Beijing) E-Commerce Park. Accompanied by Liu Jinshan, deputy general manager of the Bailiwei Group and general manager of the Northern Region, conducted a site visit to the park.

The Zhuoer Group's investment in the mother-infant is a well-known maternal and child franchise brand enterprise that has been registered by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. It is now in the Beijing E-commerce Park of Bailiwei. The area of the Beijing Reservoir is nearly 10,000 square meters. Only a few years ago, the love of mothers and babies took the industry competitiveness of “brand strong, all types and high cost performance”, which made the business radiate to all levels of cities across the country. The total number of stores nationwide exceeded 1,000, including 13 categories. Hundreds of well-known brands and tens of thousands of items.


The Zall Group’s field visits fully affirmed the Bailiwei Group. The loved ones will increase their positions in the Bailiwei Group (Beijing) E-commerce Park by nearly 10,000 square meters, and the national business layout for the mothers and children. The Bailiwei Group's e-commerce parks across the country are fully engaged in in-depth cooperation; Bailiwei will focus on business and support through integrated supply chain solutions and professional, integrated and efficient third-party modern supply chain management services. Love the mother and baby as soon as the "China's mother and baby industry first brand"!