"Grateful to have you, all the way" Bailiwei Wuhan customer appreciation meeting documentary

On September 18th, 2017, the customer appreciation meeting organized by the Bailiwei Wuhan project team with the theme of “Thanks for You, All the Way” was held in Wuhan.


The day before the meeting, representatives of Bailiwei customers from all corners of the country came as scheduled. The meeting place is located at the Holland Hotel, about 10 kilometers away from the Bailiwei Wuhan Park. It is adjacent to the Tangsong Lake, surrounded by lush greenery and the golden autumn breeze, adding more fuss to the event.

Participants visited the Bailiwei Wuhan Park

Baishi Maihuazhong Operation Center after the renovation of the cold storage in the Bailiwei Wuhan Park

Bailiwei Wuhan Park high shelf storage area

Bailiwei Wuhan Park

Cheng Jiangong, Vice President of the Bailiwei Group and General Manager of the Southern Region

meeting venue

At 2:30 pm, the meeting officially began. After a short film broadcast by the Holmes Group, Cheng Jian Power, the deputy general manager of the Bailiwei Group and the general manager of the Southern Region, made a speech and passed several old photos to review the development of the Bailiwei Wuhan project. Mr. Cheng said that every park has a lot of precious memories. The precious memories that make up this section are the colleagues who have jointly created the park, and all the leaders and customers who support Bailiwei. Mr. Cheng thanked the first customer who settled in the Bailiwei Wuhan project and thanked all the customers who supported Bailiwei. And said that the company will be in danger, only constantly improve themselves, understand customers close to customers, in order to provide customers with more professional services, live up to the trust and expectations of customers.

Liu Jinshan, Vice President of Investment Promotion of Bailiwei Group and General Manager of Northern Region

Panoramic guide system

Smart Campus ETCP

Liu Jinshan, deputy general manager of the Bailiwei Group and general manager of the Northern Region, introduced the distribution and development of the Bailiwei national project to the system, and focused on the progress of the new facilities in the construction of the smart park. Among them, in order to facilitate customers to understand the various reservoir areas of the country, the panoramic navigation system allows customers to stay at home without going out of the house, through the mobile phone to view all corners of the park, no difference with the site visit. The warehouse transportation and integration service, with Beijing as the center, extends to hub cities such as Shenyang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Xi'an to provide professional and convenient services for small and medium-sized e-commerce, traditional brands and platform e-commerce. The application of ETCP in the smart park helps the logistics company to supervise the vehicle trajectory, the time of entering and leaving the park, and the dispatching in the park through the open platform; relying on the large amount of truck driver resources obtained by the ecology to provide accurate truck resources for the cargo owners; The O2O solution helps the campus to transform its wisdom, build an ecosystem, and cut into the post-truck service market. Mr. Liu said that Bailiwei has rapidly expanded to form a national network layout and is committed to becoming a leading modern supply chain management service provider. We will provide customers with integrated supply chain solutions and professional, integrated and efficient third-party modernization. Supply chain management services enable customers to focus on their business and help customers continue to improve costs.

Speech by Liu Zongsheng, Vice President of ITOCHU (China) Group Co., Ltd. - China

Speech by Mr. Qian Zhihong, General Manager of Gome Hubei Branch

Customer representative Mr. Liu Zongsheng, Vice President of ITOCHU (China) Group Co., Ltd., and Mr. Qian Zhihong, General Manager of Gome Hubei Branch, also told everyone about their Bailey and shared their experience with Bailiwei.

CEO of Bailiwei Group Huo Jianmin

Next, Mr. Huo Jianmin, CEO of Bailiwei Group, gave a speech on the staged progress of the various strategies since the completion of the five-year strategic plan by Roland Berger in September 2016. Mr. Huo has made detailed introductions on the progress of the current stage and the next work arrangement from the four strategic directions of e-commerce park expansion, integration of e-commerce services, intelligent logistics equipment investment, and import trade business. Mr. Huo said that Bailiwei is implementing various strategic deployments in accordance with the established strategic goals. In the future, Bailiwei will jointly build an ecological chain centered on modern supply chain management services through effective linkage between new and old businesses. Based on the above development model, Bailiwei will strengthen its five-year development strategy. In the future, it will continue to gradually achieve its strategic goals in stages according to the established plan, and ultimately achieve performance improvement, network improvement, business diversification and capacity enhancement. From Huo’s speech, everyone saw a confident Bailey, a strategically clear and passionate Ballywell.

"Cooperation and sharing, win-win future" theme round-table dialogue

In the round-table dialogue session on the theme of “cooperation and sharing a win-win future”, the leaders and customer representatives of the Bailiwei Group interacted and exchanged ideas on hot issues, and each wonderful response led to a wonderful response. applause.

Bailiwei Merchants Team Poetry

An inspiring "Chinese drum" performance kicked off the dinner. The dinner included a program performed by Bailiwei staff and customers, as well as a deep poetry reading from the Baileywei investment team. The red envelope rain and the lucky draw session brought the whole dinner atmosphere to a peak. Throughout the whole event, it is not so much a customer appreciation meeting, it is better to say that this is a gathering of old friends, the participants at the scene meet very happy, share and exchange, the atmosphere is pleasant and warm. Everyone is meeting, and I look forward to meeting again in the next time! Finally, Xiao Bian will quote the poems written by Bailey's investment team in the event as the end of the documentary.


Grateful to the heart, inspirational

Gently, I approached you,

Busy operation lines, orderly;

The goods come in and out, the flow is endless, the cargo boxes are stacked, and they are neat and uniform.

Looking around, the green grass, overlooking the park, Xi Xixi.

Gently, I approached you,

The cultural and sports venues are complete in facilities, full of courage and effort, and spare no effort;

The canteen is as clean as new, cherish every leaf, every grain of rice,

Dormitories, such as the warm harbor, throw away a day of hard work and go to sleep warmly.

Slowly, I understand you,

Twenty years of hurricane and rain, thorns and thorns;

From the beginning of the germination to the industry miracle,

Quality parks are spread all over the place.

Slowly, I understand you,

20 years of hard work, diligent and enterprising;

From a single campus to a network layout,

The tender wings are cast into the wings of Lingyun.

Belleville, is this you?

I traveled everywhere in your corner;

I appreciate every feat of yours,

Is modern enterprise your true color?

No, friend,

This is just what I am doing now,

The development of the industry is changing with each passing day.

No one can understand the future scenery;

But the face has changed, and the heart has not forgotten.

Unique character, soul and culture,

It is my initial heart.

Integrity and fraternity, excellent sharing,

Collaboration and win-win, positive;

Customer recognition, conscientious society,

This is our mission and direction.

 Innovate in tradition, transcend in innovation,

We use wisdom to prop up the backbone of development.

Watering the future with integrity, creating quality with quality,

Commitment to the customer is the integrity, so that the customer experience is satisfied.

Twenty years of passion, flying hot youth,

It’s your friend’s heart-to-heart that gave me strength.

Gratitude is the wind, spring rains, and all things,

Looking back at the years, we are grateful to God;

Gratefulness is light, it shines on the earth, sows hope,

Looking forward to the future of Splendid, we are full of excitement.

This belief is the lighthouse.

Guide the direction in which Ballyway is heading;

These thoughts are power,

Hold up the wings of Gabriel.

May everyone join us,

Follow this glorious imprint.

Work together to create brilliant!