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Bailiwei actively participated in the competition for major industrialization projects in Chengdu

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In order to thoroughly study and implement the 11th Party Congress of Sichuan Province and the provincial and provincial government's “project year” decision-making, conscientiously implement the spirit of the 13th Party Congress and the National Central City Industrial Development Conference, and further promote the city's major industries. The implementation of the project has been implemented, and the Secretary of Chengdu Municipal Committee Fan Ruiping made a “suggested quarterly training, focusing on positioning, improving methods and improving effectiveness” in the “Summary of the first industrial competition and industrial park construction in the city in 2017”. The spirit of important instructions, under the arrangement of Mayor Luo Qiang, has been carefully studied by the leaders at all levels of the city to decide on August 25, 2017 to hold the “Chengdu 2017 Major Industrialization Project Competition for the Third Quarter of 2017”, which will be Chengdu. The live broadcast point of Qingbaijiang District is located in Bailiwei Modern Supply Chain (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. At the on-site meeting for the competition and training, there were leaders of relevant governments and departments such as the Qingbaijiang District People's Government, the Chengdu International Railway Port Management Committee, and the District Business and Investment Promotion Bureau.


After receiving the notice of the live broadcast of the leaders of Qingbaijiang District, the leaders of the Bailiwei Group attached great importance to it. In order to smoothly cooperate with the live broadcast, the details of the competition and zipper activities were implemented, and all the staff of Bailiwei were waiting for it.


With the entry of a vehicle, the key project of Qingbaijiang District has officially started the competition.



On the live broadcast site, He Li, deputy head of Qingbaijiang People's Government, took the lead in the competition. First, the overall promotion of the key projects in Qingbaijiang District, the construction process and development plan of the Bailiwei project were broadcasted to the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and the mayor Luo Qiang. Important report. Next, Mr. Cheng Jiangong, deputy general manager of the Bailiwei Group and general manager of the National Development and Southern Region, introduced the relevant contents of the Bailiwei Group and Chengdu Project to the leaders of the Mayor Luo Qiang; the inspection team watched the competition through remote live broadcast. The key projects of the event will be broadcast live to gain an in-depth understanding of the progress of the project.


In the on-site report, Mr. Cheng first expressed his sincere gratitude to the Bailiwei Chengdu project for its high level of attention and full support from the party committees and governments at all levels. Subsequently, Mr. Cheng reported on the planning of the Bailiwei Chengdu project. According to Cheng, the company's modern supply chain management services business is one of the core businesses of the Holmes Group. Since its establishment in 1997, Bailiwei has experienced rapid development in the modern supply chain management service industry. Up to now, it has built a warehouse of nearly 1 million square meters, covering Beijing, Shenyang, Xi'an, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou, etc. The city is currently expanding into markets such as Zhengzhou, Changsha, Chongqing and Nanjing. More than 1,000 service customers have accumulated, including e-commerce, home appliances, shoes and clothing, health care equipment, fresh food, home, auto parts, food, cosmetics, book publishing and so on.


During the 20 years of development, Bailiwei has won the honorary titles of “China Top 20 E-commerce Warehousing Services”, “National Logistics Industry Advanced Collective” and “National First Batch of 5A Warehouse-type Logistics Enterprises”.


In 2016, BALIWAY teamed up with Roland Berger, the world's top strategic management consulting firm, to determine a new five-year strategic plan through extensive market research and research decisions. In the next five years, the integration of e-commerce services, intelligent logistics equipment investment, import and export trade and e-commerce industrial park business will be effectively linked to the goal of the first brand of modern supply chain management services.


The Bailiwei project in Qingbaijiang District covers an area of 223 acres and has a total construction area of about 160,000 square meters. It is designed and built with multi-level standardized operation warehouses and comprehensive office buildings.


The project considers that (cross-border) e-commerce enterprises mainly provide modern supply chain management services for regional distribution, and at the same time meet the working space and environment required for part of business processing, office and settlement of e-commerce enterprises.


With regard to the development of the Chengdu Bailiwei project, Bailiwei has signed cooperation agreements with well-known enterprises such as Yuxin and Jiumu Group, and will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of logistics infrastructure leasing demand and supply chain management. Bailiwei will fully utilize its respective advantages in terms of resources, capital, brand and operation management with the enterprises entering the park, seek matching of resource needs across the country, form a wider geographical cooperation, generate agglomeration effects, and jointly create value for the enterprise. Create benefits for society. In addition, the Qingbaijiang project will leverage the unique advantages of CEIBS (Chong Ou Express) to develop and cover some European markets for e-commerce and other growth companies settled in the park, and form a complete full value chain service system. .


Mr. Cheng emphasized that the competition and tempering activities enabled Bailey to accept the leadership's review. This is both encouraging and urging Bailiwei to continuously improve itself. Baili is willing to work together with Qingbaijiang to improve Chengdu's logistics and transportation environment and urban supporting service environment. Give full play to the advantages of scale and common services, create high-quality modern supply chain management services, and make new contributions to regional economic development.