Ballywe connected to the "Maritime Silk Road" and settled in Nansha, Guangzhou.

In this fragrant osmanthus fragrance, the fruitful golden autumn, the Bailiwei Jiebao frequently spread, good news came one after another. In September 2017, Bailiwei Group signed a project investment agreement with the Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone Management Committee. Since then, Bailiwei has settled in the Nansha New District of Guangzhou (China) Free Trade Zone, officially launching the construction of the Bailiwei Nansha project. Another important strategic move after the signing of the investment agreement between Bailiwei and Xingsha Industrial Base in Changsha City, Hunan Province on August 3 this year.


The Guangdong map is located in the geometric center of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, the Guangzhou Nansha New District, and the China (Guangdong) Free Trade Experimental Zone in Guangzhou Nansha New District is also located here. Here, financial leasing, shipping finance, cross-border finance, etc. have become a dazzling city business card. Not only that, but also many international financial projects have come to the fore, sharing the dividends of the free trade zone with Nansha.


Bailiwei Nansha project renderings

The Bailiwei Nansha project, with a planned construction area of ​​nearly 80,000 square meters, will start construction in October 2017, with a construction period of 24 months. According to the project leader of the Bailiwei Development Department, the Bailiwei Nansha project has five major objectives: First, the establishment of two major logistics bases, namely the Bailiwei Southern International Trade Logistics Distribution Base and the cross-border e-commerce logistics distribution base, as the project. The main functional areas, using three-dimensional shelves, information terminal equipment, mechanized operations, to meet the requirements of large enterprises to establish distribution centers, is conducive to the effective development of warehouse financial services such as warehouse pledge, supervision, etc.; And settlement payment center, mainly responsible for all international payment and settlement services in the South; Third, the establishment of logistics monitoring center, mainly responsible for project logistics information monitoring and management; Fourth, the establishment of e-commerce information service center, mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of e-commerce platform system and Upgrade; Fifth, set up the South Branch of the Base Oil Technology R&D Center and the South Branch of the Crude Oil Testing Center, which is mainly responsible for the development of base oil and crude oil testing.


Throughout the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce industry, the scale of cross-border e-commerce transactions in China reached 6.3 trillion yuan in 2016, a year-on-year increase of 23.5%. The overall transaction scale of China's import and export cross-border e-commerce this year is expected to reach 7.5 trillion yuan. By 2018, the overall transaction scale of China's import and export cross-border e-commerce is expected to reach 8.8 trillion. With many years of experience in providing modern supply chain management services for e-commerce companies, Bailiwei Group is committed to building the Bailiwei Nansha project in accordance with established strategic objectives, professional services, good brand effects, advanced technical equipment and management concepts. The launch of the Bailiwei Nansha project also attracted the attention of Bailiwei strategic partners such as digging wine network, honey buds, and excellent purchases, and planned to cooperate in depth.


The Bailiwei Nansha project is positioned to build a modern supply chain management service platform for cross-border e-commerce. It not only provides infrastructure, but also provides outsourcing services and management services to meet customer needs according to customer requirements, and provides support for business operations and financial services. Integrated management system. The project focuses on automation, technology and informationization in the operation process, and rationally performs functional positioning by introducing advanced technology equipment, software systems and high-end talents in related fields.


With its superior geographical location and rich cross-border resources, Nansha District relies on the advantages of the “double zone” of the Free Trade Zone and the National Development Zone, and leverages the strong throughput capacity of the Nansha Port Area to connect the “Maritime Silk Road” development strategy and attract domestic Well-known e-commerce companies and logistics enterprises settled in, vigorously develop cross-border e-commerce and international trade, promote the development of the country's export-oriented economy, gradually realize open development, green development, shared development, and radiate the development results to the "Maritime Silk Road" Along the line.


Recently, Nansha has made a “big hand” and launched a “1+1+10” preferential policy, which mainly includes a programmatic document, an industrial development fund management method and 10 industrial policies. 10 industrial policies, including 7 key development industrial policies including headquarters economy, scientific and technological innovation, advanced manufacturing and construction, shipping and logistics, financial services, commerce and trade, and modern service industries, covering Nansha's key development industries. It also includes three common industrial promotion policies, such as high-end talents, industrial land, and project referrals, which provide sufficient guarantee for industrial development in terms of factor supply. In response to different stages of development such as enterprise settlement, capital increase, research and development, operation, and listing, policy support such as incentives, subsidies, or equity investment has been set up to provide enterprises with full life cycle support. For the area memory enterprises to increase capital and expand production, the incremental part will be supported according to the new enterprise standards.



The Bailiwei Nansha project was created in the context of the rapid development of e-commerce and the emergence of e-commerce industry clusters. It is the need of social and economic development in Nansha District, the need to promote the development of foreign trade in Nansha District, and the development of e-commerce industry in Nansha District. The needs are also the needs of enterprise development in Nansha District.


The construction of the project is actively responding to the national development policy, which is conducive to promoting the economic development of Guangzhou and in line with the overall planning of the Nansha New District and is conducive to promoting the adjustment of the local industrial structure. It is believed that the Bailiwei Nansha project will bring good economic benefits and boost the local economy. Take off.