Step into the era of hydrogen energy and help "double carbon" stick to the "blue sky"

On March 3, 2022, the first batch of 100 Zhilan hydrogen fuel refrigerated vehicles in the country were delivered to Beijing Shunyida, and the delivery and operation launch ceremony was held in the BOXWAY (Beijing) Park. Relevant leaders of Daxing District Transportation Bureau, Daxing District Economic and Information Bureau, Huangcun Town, Daxing District, and representatives of Shunyida, BOXWAY, Zhilan Automobile, Pacific Insurance and other enterprises, as well as leaders of hydrogen energy, cold chain, logistics and other industry associations, customers and major cooperative units, together with dozens of national media, witnessed the loading and shipment of the first batch of vehicles.

The official operation of the country's first largest batch of 100 hydrogen fuel refrigerated vehicles fully demonstrated the strength and action of the capital to implement the national hydrogen energy development strategy. Beijing municipal enterprises, represented by Shunyida, BOXWAY and Zhilan Automobile, took the lead in the first trial and in-depth integration to realize the landing of industrial technology intelligent operation and application, and helped the transformation of the energy structure in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The Zhilan hydrogen fuel cell refrigerated vehicle will meet the needs of users in the logistics and distribution of meat, fruit, vegetables, aquatic products, dairy products, quick-frozen foods, vaccines, biological agents, pharmaceuticals and other cold-chain products, fully guarantee the timely and efficient attendance of users, reshape the green and efficient logistics and transportation system, further promote the iterative upgrading of new energy logistics and transportation equipment, and escort the capital blue sky.

At the launch ceremony, Liu Jinshan, the COO of BOXWAY, said: "It is a great honor to witness and participate in the delivery ceremony of the first batch of smart blue hydrogen fuel refrigerated vehicles in China. As a local enterprise in Daxing District, Beijing, BOXWAY has been responding to the call of the district committee and the district government, and actively practicing the green and low-carbon development path. In 2021, it cooperated with Tianpu New Energy, and in BOXWAY (Beijing) Photovoltaic power generation projects have been installed and operated in the park, and more in-depth cooperation will be carried out with Tianpu New Energy to cover the successful model in the national park of BOXWAY. As a modern supply chain management service enterprise that has developed for 25 years, BOXWAY will actively promote the development and investment of renewable energy through the construction of new energy and accelerate the construction of low-carbon environmental protection storage, which is also an important part of the third five-year development strategy of BOXWAY. Photovoltaic projects will provide green energy solutions for low-carbon and environment-friendly supply chain services, and reduce costs and increase efficiency for property services in the park. The electric reactor hydrogen device energy generation project invested by BOXWAY is expected to be introduced into Daxing District in the future. At the same time, BOXWAY is willing to share social responsibilities with partners, continue to respond to the national "double carbon" strategy, and help Daxing District achieve high-quality development goals. "  

The Zhilan hydrogen fuel cell light truck delivered this time has reached the leading level in China. The hydrogen system layout that does not occupy the cargo compartment volume and the largest hydrogen cylinder group of the industry's light truck, which is the first in China, perfectly combines the hydrogen fuel cell with the demand for refrigeration and large electricity, realizing the five advantages of ultra-long endurance, extremely strong temperature adaptability, high thermal efficiency, ultra-safety and high economy. In recent years, the state has attached great importance to the high-quality development of cold chain logistics and the improvement of modern cold chain logistics system. At the same time, vigorously promoting the application of hydrogen fuel cell logistics vehicles is also of great significance for reducing the carbon emissions of road transportation and helping China achieve the "double carbon" goal. It can be seen that the combination of cold chain logistics and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will bring 1+1>2 economic and social impacts.

The delivery of Zhilan hydrogen fuel refrigerated vehicle will undoubtedly bring new opportunities for the green and efficient development of cold chain logistics. The new energy model represented by the hydrogen fuel cell light truck of Zhilan Automobile is making contributions to social environmental protection, and becoming a smart new choice to save vehicle operation costs and bring economic benefits to users.

More importantly, in the context of the country's efforts to promote hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the implementation of the application scenario by the tripartite chain of Shunyida, BOXWAY and Zhilan Automobile has provided strong support for accelerating the construction of the Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone, promoting the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration City, and adjusting the policy recommendations for demonstration and promotion nationwide.

Green Beijing, science and technology Beijing, take this opportunity to look forward to the rapid development of the capital's hydrogen energy industry, which will become an important way to help the country achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality.