From 3G to 5G, BOXWAY and China Mobile have worked together for 12 years

In September 2022, BOXWAY passed the bidding review of China Mobile Beijing and became its partner in modern supply chain services again. The two sides have cooperated for 12 consecutive years since 2010.

As a central enterprise, China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. has become a telecom operator with the largest network scale, the largest number of customers, the leading profitability and brand value, and the top market value in the world. Since its establishment, it has continued to play the important role of the information and communication industry in comprehensively enabling economic and social development, and has demonstrated its responsibility in the development of the digital economy. With the technological leap from 3G to 5G across the ages, BOXWAY, as a partner of China Mobile Beijing in the fields of equipment storage, in-warehouse operation management and other fields, has witnessed the most powerful period of China Mobile business development. During this period, the modern supply chain services and standardized management mode provided by BOXWAY have been affirmed by China Mobile Beijing, It has established full trust and a solid foundation for the 12-year cooperation between the two sides.

Looking back on the 12 years of cooperation, China Mobile Beijing entered the BOXWAY (Beijing) Park in October 2010. With the deepening of mutual understanding, BOXWAY has customized the in-warehouse operation plan for China Mobile Beijing, and has been recognized. In 2013, BOXWAY took over the in-warehouse operation project of China Mobile Beijing, with an area of more than 30000 square meters. In 2014, China Mobile upgraded from the third generation business to the fourth generation business, with the increasing business volume. In order to do a good job in security, the operation team of BOXWAY worked 10-12 hours a day on average, and finally successfully completed the task indicators delivered by China Mobile. The tacit cooperation and accurate task achievement have been praised by the leaders of China Mobile Beijing for many times.

In the past 12 years, BOXWAY has participated in the bidding of China Mobile Beijing for four times. Each time, the BOXWAY project team will be ready to work out solutions to effectively improve the storage rate and space utilization rate of the database according to the business needs of China Mobile Beijing at different stages, fully support and ensure the efficient development of the business. Each submitted proposal has been strictly reviewed and approved, So that 12 years of pragmatic cooperation can bear fruit.

BOXWAY is honored to witness the rapid development of various businesses with China Mobile, and China Mobile Beijing has also witnessed the innovation and upgrading of BOXWAY from traditional supply chain services to modern supply chain services. With the introduction of the smart park of the BOXWAY, a standardized system has been built from the multi-dimensions of management, operation and technology, effectively realizing the refined management of the park, providing customers with intelligent management services and security monitoring solutions, and making every effort to "escort" the customers' materials. Meanwhile, the long-term cooperation choice and support of China Mobile Beijing Company also shows the full recognition of the service and work achievements of BOXWAY Modern Supply Chain. On the basis of the new cooperation, Brilliance will continue to do a good job of support and security through the management services of the smart park, help China Mobile to leapfrog development, contribute to the community with digital intelligence, and write a brilliant new chapter of sustainable development.