The "Autumn Ancient Town · Special Private Sharing Meeting" of Bliway Group was successfully held

From October 28 to October 29, 2022, the "Autumn Ancient Town · Special Private Sharing Meeting" held by BOXWAY was held in Gubeishui Town as scheduled. Huo Jianmin, CEO of BOXWAY, Liu Jinshan, COO of BOXWAY, Huang Shaoyang, Secretary-General of the Beijing Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association, Zhang Wenbo, President of the Express Car Service, Liu Peijun, Chairman of the Express Line, and Huang Junlong, General Manager of Beijing, China and South Korea Chenguang Stationery, and other leaders and guests attended the meeting. During the two-day period, industry experts and representatives of BOXWAY partners in Beijing gathered together to seek common development and talk about the future.

At the beginning of the meeting, Huo Jianmin, CEO of BOXWAY, gave a keynote speech of "looking at the world and taking advantage of the situation". Through the understanding of the underlying logic driving economic and social development, Huo expounded the development strategy thinking and response strategy of BOXWAY in combination with the current macroeconomic situation and industry development trend: the Group will build a "digital, intelligent and low-carbon" dual ecological platform, continue to iterate, evolve, and unify core values, It is compatible with different business logic, organizations and mechanisms, takes into account flexibility and vitality, and promotes industry reform and growth. At the end of the speech, President Huo said: "You can't stand up without faith, you can't stand up without sincerity. If Budweiser is a ship, then the core of success is the integration of people and ships, and helping each other in the same boat

In the subsequent theme exchange link, entrepreneurs such as Zhang Wenbo, president of the fast car service, Liu Quanming, president of Zhiwei Wealth Investment, Liu Peijun, chairman of the fast line, and Huang Junlong, general manager of Beijing, China-South Korea Chenguang Stationery, and other entrepreneurs shared with you from the perspective of how to maintain stable growth strategy in the post-epidemic era, challenges and opportunities of industry development, and other hot industries, such as auto aftermarket service and prefabricated dishes.


As a modern supply chain service enterprise with more than 20 years of profound industry accumulation, regardless of how complex and changeable the market environment is, BOXWAY has always been able to move forward fearlessly in change and changelessness, and has also won the recognition and trust of customers. At the event site, Liu Jinshan, the COO of BOXWAY, said that the new "Three Five-Year Plan" strategy has pointed out the way for the future development of the enterprise. What we need to do next is to resolutely implement and export the standardized management model that has been settled for 25 years, continue to accelerate the construction of smart parks, further forge and improve service capabilities, and enable customers to realize the value of the whole industrial chain.

On the morning of the 29th, BOXWAY organized all the guests to board the Great Wall of Simatai. The Great Wall rises from the mountain and looks like a dragon. It stretches across the mountains from east to west, overlooking the town of water in autumn. Its architecture is even more exquisite.

"The mountains and waters are clear and the night is frosty, and several trees are deep red and light yellow". In the golden autumn and October, Gubei Water Town is colorful, cool and warm, and the taste of autumn is deep and shallow, thick and light, and there are memories and gains... At the moment when we are still not satisfied, the activity is approaching the end, and the big families say goodbye one by one, and look forward to meeting again next time.