BOXWAY (Beijing) Park has obtained the highest level of "Level 1 (three-star) green warehouse" certification

A few days ago, the China Warehousing and Distribution Association announced that the north area of the BOXWAY (Beijing) Park was certified as a "Class I (three-star) green warehouse", which is the highest level of green warehouse certification. This is also another park that has passed the authoritative certification after the BOXWAY (Xi'an) Park.

After submitting the application materials for this green warehouse certification, at the beginning of November 2022, Liu Jinyou, the head of the audit team of the China Green Warehouse Certification Committee and the deputy secretary-general of the Technology Application and Engineering Service Branch of the China Warehousing and Distribution Association, and other audit experts from the Green Warehouse Certification Office of the industry association, conducted the on-site audit and identification of the "China Green Warehouse" in the BOXWAY (Beijing) Park.

The review team, in strict accordance with the national standard of General Warehouse and Reservoir Planning and Design Parameters, the industrial standard of Green Warehouse Requirements and Evaluation, and the China Green Warehouse Identification Method, listened to the introduction of enterprises, answered questions, and checked the site selection and planning of the reservoir area, land conservation and land use, energy conservation and energy utilization, water conservation and water resources utilization, material conservation and material resources utilization, and the environment, Check and discuss the application materials submitted by the enterprise, and evaluate and score the assessment items one by one. Finally, the review team confirmed that all indicators of the warehouse declared by the BOXWAY (Beijing) Park were true and effective, and all met the standard of the first-level green warehouse (three-star).

The application for participating in the "Star Rating of China Green Warehouses" will be regularly and uniformly announced by the Green Accreditation Office of the China Warehouse Association through self-assessment, application, preliminary review and acceptance, on-site review, and the publication of the approval results, and will be awarded with grade certificates and labels. According to the industry standard "Requirements and Evaluation of Green Warehouses" (SB/T 11164-2016), China's green warehouses are identified according to the control items, general items and preference items. The control items should all meet the requirements. According to the total score of the general items and preference items, they are divided into three levels, namely, the first level green warehouse, the second level green warehouse and the third level green warehouse, and the first level is the highest.

During the review process of the review team for the BOXWAY (Beijing) Park, the green planning and design and green operation management of the park were recognized by the expert group, which mainly reflected in the long-term consideration of the park construction planning, moderate and advanced design, and high land utilization rate; In terms of green operation and management, high-efficiency transformers, air conditioners, water pumps, fans and other equipment are selected according to the national energy efficiency standards, and high-efficiency energy-saving lighting systems, high-efficiency electromechanical systems and other equipment are used to maximize energy saving, water saving and material saving; In terms of pollution control, resource conservation, waste management and other aspects, Bliway focuses on reducing energy consumption and pollution emissions. It is worth mentioning that the distributed photovoltaic system set up in the BOXWAY (Beijing) Park has achieved spontaneous self-use and surplus power access in terms of power consumption, which has saved energy to the greatest extent. At the same time, the application of the monitoring platform of the BOXWAY Smart Park, the application of hydrogen energy vehicles in the park, and the charging pile of urban freight vehicles set up in the parking lot also won the praise of experts.