Warm heart post station delivers warm truck drivers to enjoy convenience

While ensuring the transportation of all kinds of production and living materials, truck drivers take cars as their homes and roads as their companions, work from dawn to dusk, and are busy. BOXWAY is concerned about the difficulties and challenges of this new business group. With the support and guidance of the superior trade union, the group trade union has built a warm post station for truck drivers.

After the Spring Festival, with the end of the epidemic and the resumption of work and production, the pace of normal production and life began. Various freight vehicles came and went in Jingnan Logistics Base, and the transportation business was very busy. A warm orange house at the south gate of BOXWAY, a subsidiary of Hous Group, is particularly eye-catching - the warm heart post station for truck drivers. Contrary to the busy transportation scene, this is the most relaxing place for truck drivers. Tea break area, rest area, reading room and other areas are set up in the post station. In order to facilitate the driver to use the toilet, two male and female toilets are also set up here. According to the actual needs of truck drivers, water dispensers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, tables and chairs, sofas, televisions, air conditioners, books and reading, chess, WIFI Internet access, charging, medicine boxes, umbrellas and other facilities and equipment are set up. After long-distance transportation, the drivers can not only get warm and cool, rest and go to the toilet, receive hot water and hot meals, but also surf the Internet, watch TV, play checkers, military chess, read books and newspapers, etc. in the "Warm Heart Posthouse" to relieve the fatigue of long-distance transportation.

Master Bao, from Inner Mongolia, is a distributor of a furniture enterprise in the BOXWAY Park. Every day, he loads the furniture that needs to be delivered from the BOXWAY Park and sends it to the central urban area and the urban sub-center. "To tell the truth, I really don't have time to rest here at ordinary times. After loading the car, I was busy with delivery. I came in today and found the environment was really good, the facilities were complete, and I drank a lot of water in summer. I would come here to fill up the water before returning to the car." Mr. Bao told the reporter.

Unlike Mr. Bao, Mr. Zhang, the delivery clerk who buys more vegetables, is a "frequent customer" of the post station. The nature of delivery is different. Mr. Zhang sets out to the warehouse at four or five o'clock every morning to load vehicles, but he often encounters the problem that the goods delivered to the warehouse haven't arrived yet, sometimes waiting for more than an hour. Master Zhang said, "It's OK in summer, but it's very cold in winter. Since I had this post station, I have come to the post station to wait, drink hot water, brush my mobile phone, and read. It's much more comfortable."

Master Wu, who traveled short distances to Hebei and Tianjin, liked the function of the post station for hot meals. He was used to having a full meal before starting. He often went to the post station for hot meals, and then cooked down the hot food and then drove on. Sometimes I will go to the canteen in the park to have a meal, and when there are many people, I will bring the meal to the post station to eat. Master Wu said that every time he came to BOXWAY, he always felt particularly warm and down-to-earth, probably because there was a shelter specially built for drivers.

Relying on the post station, the trade union of the group and the superior trade union organized occasional condolence activities to provide the truck drivers with the warm condolence products of the trade union. Recently, the trade union of the group issued a portable first-aid kit for the drivers in the post station, which contains various emergency supplies. It is small and convenient, and very practical to put in the car. It can be used safely during the driver's transportation and during the epidemic.

As the first driver warmheart post station of Jingnan Logistics Base in Daxing District, Beijing, BOXWAY Group and trade union organizations send warmth and care to truck drivers entering and leaving the park to make them feel comfortable and drive safely, and contribute to the guarantee of transportation services!