2017 "positive behavior" glory battle, screaming

Corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise and an inexhaustible driving force for the development of the enterprise. It contains a very rich content, the core of which is the spirit and values of the company. The Holmes Group attaches great importance to the construction and dissemination of corporate culture and corporate spirit. In the group's view, values are the core of corporate culture, and unified values enable corporate members to have a unified standard in determining their behavior and to determine their own behavior. The “Progressive Behavior” selection campaign sponsored by the Holmes Group Integrated Management Center was launched in August 2013. It is an employee-recognized incentive mechanism issued by the Holmes Group to encourage follow-up work styles advocated by the Group. The work behavior promotes the construction of corporate culture.


The 9th Positive Behavior Review Site, the Jury

 Through the participation of all employees, self-recommendation or nomination of employees, and judging by the jury, this activity will convey the correct work behaviors and promote the spirit of enterprise with their own or the real cases around them. With the success of each event, the event has been increasingly recognized by employees and actively involved.


 The chairman of the 9th Positive Behavioral Jury was chaired by Group CEO Huo Jianmin. The 9th "Forward Behavior" honor battle of the Holmes Group was launched on July 21, 2017 in the Group's multi-purpose hall. The selection is nominated and selected by the companies, departments and employees within the group. After the argumentation, speeches, and defenses, the jury will select the winning team and individuals. At the same time, there are certificates, trophies and bonuses to encourage.


The selection of “positive behavior” awards is mainly from four dimensions – resurrected on the same day; anti-complex, pragmatic and efficient; more time with customers and stakeholders; open and transparent communication; there are 8 cases in this session. Xiaobian was invited to participate in the selection meeting.


 Different from other event sites, the selection scene before the competition was very quiet. The representatives of the eight selected cases were all focused on the speeches in their hands, and sometimes whispered to communicate with the team members, and sometimes wrote down on the manuscript. These details are not difficult to see, the enthusiasm of employees and the serious and rigorous attitude. As the judges stepped into the venue, the selection activities officially began. In the speech session, everyone presented a case of “positive behavior” and explained the results and demonstrations of the cases they described. There are several cases that have attracted the attention of Xiaobian:


Emergency response


In the case of the IT department's "opposing complex, pragmatic and efficient" case, a large-scale blackmail virus infection occurred in the world on the night of May 12, Beijing time. Statistics show that more than 100,000 computers in more than 100 countries and regions have been attacked and infected by ransomware. After the virus is invaded, almost all types of files such as documents, photos, pictures, audio and video are encrypted. On the first day after the virus outbreak on May 13, the IT team of the group responded as soon as possible. On the same day, the key personnel gave up the vacation and returned to the post to take preventive measures to upgrade the protection strategy. Through the efforts of the IT team, the group During a large-scale virus outbreak, no server and PC were infected by viruses, ensuring network security and stable operation of the business system within the group. In this case, in the face of emergencies, the IT department dares to take responsibility from a professional perspective, and decisively take countermeasures to ensure that the group's network security is a reason for short-listing. In addition, the reason why the IT department can respond quickly to emergencies is, on the one hand, their responsibility, and on the other hand, the preparation of the emergency plan is also worth learning.


Seize the opportunity, close to the customer


In the case of TOP1 shortlisted “More time with customers and stakeholders”, we have been highly concerned by all sales managers and all distributors of the sales department since the launch of the lubricant automatic transmission maintenance project. Each engineer in the customer service department seizes the opportunity, close to the customer and the dealer, carefully designed and organized nearly 200 professional training and distribution activities, from the preparation of professional training materials such as product planning and project materials to the project investment conference support and dealer team. The series of work such as practical training and technical theory training have won the recognition of dealers and customers. The sales volume of 3 months accounted for 67.6% of the annual sales; the average monthly sales volume was 5 times of the average monthly sales volume from January to August.


In the reply section, the judges asked the case speaker


The judges discuss the results of the selection

After each finalist representative speech, they will be questioned by the judges. Each question of the judges can pinpoint the key points, and the finalists are calmly responding. After fierce competition, in the finalists, 6 cases stood out and won the 9th “Forward Behavior” award. They are:



Awarding session

In the awarding session, when everyone received the award from the group leader, the expression on each person's face was different from the tension before the game, and they all sent out from the heart. For the winners, they are not only an honor but an affirmation of their work behavior, and they are grateful for their responsibility for work.


Group CEO Jianmin concluded speech

Finally, Huo Jianmin, CEO of the 9th Chairman of the Positive Judging Committee, said: “First of all, congratulations to the winning team and individuals! Don’t be discouraged without winning the team. It’s also very good, and everyone has seen your results! I would like to thank everyone for their active participation, dedication and contribution. Every case that was shortlisted this time is very good. I personally expect more people to participate and increase the number of shortlisted cases, because this is a positive publicity role for positive behavior. The activities, the construction of corporate culture was established through bit by bit accumulation, and it is hoped that the group leaders will attach importance to this activity. Another important aspect, the shortlisted cases are very much in the group system construction and workflow process. Great help. The event has been held for 9 times. It is necessary to do a summary work and organize the case into a book. This will condense the wisdom of the staff and will be a valuable practical experience to improve the management level of the company."


The ninth forward behavior awards selection event was successfully concluded. Through this activity, Xiao Bian deeply realized what is the “employee culture” and the relationship between employee culture and corporate culture; employee culture is a cultural form corresponding to corporate culture and a quality culture. The corporate culture consists of three levels: (1) the material culture of the surface layer, called the "hard culture" of the enterprise. (2) Institutional culture at the intermediate level. (3) The spiritual culture of the core layer, also known as the enterprise “soft culture” (or “soft power”). It includes various behavioral norms, values, corporate group awareness, staff quality and fine traditions. These are the core of corporate culture and are also known as entrepreneurship. One of the entrepreneurial spirits of the Holmes Group is to encourage positive and positive work behaviors to promote corporate culture. It is believed that under the guidance of the entrepreneurial spirit of the Holmes Group, it will surely move forward steadily toward its own strategic goals, and finally realize the dream of “rooting China and creating a century-old foundation”.