In-depth integration of party and enterprise


On the morning of July 17, 2017, at the Party Group Activity Center of the Holly Culture Industry Group Co., Ltd., the red electronic screen with the theme of "Haw's Cultural Industry Group Co., Ltd." was particularly bright. One of the ten party members has a party emblem, and the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in 2017 is also the year of the weak crown of Bailiwei. In July, under the organization of the Party Working Committee of Tiangongyuan Street, Huo Shi Culture Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huo Group) with the theme of “integration of party and enterprise, inheriting red spirit and shaping advanced culture” was held. Party building activities.


Leaders and guests attending the party building activities include: Liu Li, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tiangongyuan Street, Liu Ying, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tiangongyuan Street, Feng Mixiang, deputy director of Tiangongyuan Sub-district Office, and organization minister of Tiangongyuan Street Party Working Committee Xu Guohong, director of Beijing "Branch Life" magazine, Qian Wenxiu, Huo Group, CEO of Bailiwei Group, Huo Jianmin, manager of the comprehensive management center of Holmes Culture Industry Group Co., Ltd., Zhang Yanjie, Party Secretary of Huo Shi Culture Industry Group Co., Ltd., Tian Fashun, Beijing Ren Zhuang, chairman of the Zhicheng Private Enterprise Finance and Taxation and Financial Services Promotion Association; representatives of all party members and staff representatives of the Party Branch of the Holmes Cultural Industry Group Co., Ltd., the Tiangongyuan Regional Community Party Branch, and the non-public party branch.


This activity is a practical non-public party building innovation activity. The Party Working Committee of Tiangongyuan Street has implemented the spirit of a series of important speeches of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping, and implemented the Municipal Party Committee and the District Committee. The work of the construction of the public party, under the premise of ensuring the four non-public party construction of the regional, put forward the practice day and activity day of the new ideas. This activity is also a multi-party policy and the action day promised by all parties.


Give the party members a reading of "Branch Life" and party class for one hour

In the activity, firstly, the Secretary of the Party Branch of the Holmes Group and the manager of the Bailiwei Safety Supervision Department, Tian Fashun, led the review of the establishment and development of the Party branch of the Holmes Group; and the magazine "Life of the Branch" in Beijing gave the party members a copy of the "Branch Life" magazine. And "party class for an hour."


Huo Jianmin, CEO of Holly Group and Bailiwei Group

Next, the Huo Group and the CEO of Bailiwei Group, Huo Jianmin, gave a keynote speech on “Perseverance, My 20 Years”. Huo introduced the growth process of the Holmes Group and introduced the establishment of the Party Branch of the Holmes Group. On September 27, 2011, the Party branch of the Hun Group's main business unified lubricants (private enterprises) was established in 1995; Mr. Huo told everyone: "In 1995, the environment did not have party building work for non-public enterprises. The request was made, but at the meeting of the leaders of the Holmes Group, two-thirds of the people at the meeting were party members. It can be seen that the party members are the backbone of the enterprise in the Holmes Group, and they are playing on the development path of the enterprise. "Important role." Huo stressed that the culture and values ​​of the Holmes Group always advocate and commit to health, safety and environmental protection products and services, emphasizing the responsibility and commitment to the company, employees and society; talking about the future development of the Holmes Group At the same time, the Holmes Group is focusing on international standards while strengthening its own management. In cooperation with foreign companies, the company always introduces foreign high-quality resources on the premise of safeguarding national interests. In 2016, Bailiwei cooperated with Roland Berger, the world's top strategic management consulting company, through a large number of market research and research decisions. The new five-year strategic plan, the logistics e-commerce industrial park is an important development direction, relying on the national macro policy support, the “One Belt and One Road”, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development of these three national strategies will drive the foundation of e-commerce. Construction, the flow of material assets at home and abroad, relying on the infrastructure construction of logistics, is a non-negligible driving force for e-commerce warehousing supply chain management services. Finally, General Huo said that firm and correct political direction is the premise and guarantee for the healthy development of private enterprises; and promised that the group will step up efforts to support party building work, deepen learning, and promote the all-round development of enterprises.


In the following sessions, the representatives of the three generations of party members of the Huo Group during the start-up period, development period and struggle period were invited to give keynote speeches, “The ideal and faith to be the cornerstone, unite and help each other to create a good business”, “try to learn to dare to fight first, Jinggang love The industry promotes development, "the fire-like youth, the water-like journey" is a passionate keynote speech, which makes everyone realize that party members regard their beliefs as the struggle and determination of corporate dedication, and let everyone see the development in the enterprise. At different stages, the important model of party members takes the lead.


Party members read the "Party Action Promise of Party Members"

At the meeting, under the leadership of Secretary Tian, all the party members raised their right hand to solemnly read the "Party Action Promise of Party Members", and at the same time broadcast the Communist Party Central Party Party propaganda film "Youth, do you know the CCP?" "The scene continued to scream with warm applause and pushed the event to a climax.


Huo Jianmin, CEO of the Holly Group, and Liu Li, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tiangongyuan Street

At the end of the activity, Liu Li, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tiangongyuan Street, made a concluding speech. Liu Shuji said: "Haw's Cultural Industry Group Co., Ltd. can pay so much attention to the work of party building, the party building work is booming, and the street party committee is very moved. Enterprises need multiple guarantees in their development. Among them, international consulting companies provide intellectual support for the development of corporate strategy, and at the same time they cannot do without the guarantee of party building. This is also the most important purpose of our party building work. Today's activities are through party members. The cohesive team has jointly promoted the development of the enterprise. Just all the party members made a commitment by holding up the right-handed oath. I think that for the enterprise, the employees can have such a high awareness, the person in charge of the enterprise will be gratified. The promise has been issued, how to Practicing our commitments will be the next step. As Huo has just said, the Huo Group is a private enterprise, and most of its initial backbones are party members, which can explain that enterprises are benefiting. This shows that non-public enterprises What is the purpose of party building? This is nothing more than the following aspects: First, it is to implement the party’s policy. Second, it is to model compliance with national laws and regulations. Third, it is to rely on party building to build a group to solve business problems. Fourth, whether it is party building or group building is to protect the interests of enterprises, enterprises must rely on development. When the employees need help, the party organizations take the lead to lend a helping hand. When the enterprise has a difficult task to develop, it is the party members who rush ahead and the party building to build the team to solve the practical difficulties and problems of the enterprise. The ultimate core purpose of the company is to achieve better development of the enterprise. Today's activities are a long-term activity. The next non-public organization of the street, such as non-public enterprises and social organizations, should further try to adopt social organization. The service to guide the party building work; I hope that the entire street, with the joint efforts of the working committee, will make the work of building the non-public party in the street vivid and truly realize the purpose of building the non-public party into enterprise service."


Huo Jianmin, CEO of Honeywell Group, and representatives of Party members of the Holmes Group

The hope of leadership is the driving force for moving forward. The Holmes Group regards the promotion of enterprise development as the focus of party building standards assessment, and transforms the political advantages of party building into intellectual advantages, talent advantages and service advantages that promote the development of the Holmes Group. Through hard work, the Holmes Group will be able to achieve the integration of party and enterprise, and through the innovative model of party building work, the company will develop rapidly and employees will certainly get a more satisfactory working life.


Group photo

The theme party building activities of Holmes Culture Industry Group Co., Ltd. ended successfully in a warm atmosphere and applause, indicating the beginning of another new journey of the Holmes Group...